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  1. Hello!

    What psychologically drives a younger guy to milf porn or mature porn?
    I personally was raised by a single mother for the majority of my life and my dad left us when I was like 10. Weirdly I was only upset about it for a short period of time and after that I have just been dealing with it since he had his problems.

    Could that have something to do with it?

    When I see older women in real life I do not get similar attraction since it is usually in boring work type of situation. I also have never viewed my mother in a sexual way.
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  2. Demodectic

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    I also prefer older woman and maybe its........

    Maybe you have a belief system that says younger woman are too vulnerable or corruptable and that it is more altruistic to date a woman older than 35. Maybe you have Captain-Save-A-Prostitute mentality and want to rescue these single moms 35-45 and you feel you can get an easier date with them since they are "Scratch and Dent"

    Maybe you have low self opinion and feel younger girls such as 25 year olds will not go for you or that they are gold-diggers and immature.

    But one theory that I DO NOT ascribe too is these psychologists trying to say you have "Mommy issues" if you pursue these 35+ year olds. These quacks say "His Mom was always at work or never spent much time with him because she preferred to spend it with her boyfriend/dates/nightclubs and now he is looking to be validated by an older woman to heal his inner wounds". I think that is too over-simplistic and in my case I can assure you that I have no sexual attraction to my mother. She is actually not a very attractive woman and she had me in her 40's. And she was never the type of woman that would leave a bra or panties in the shower for me to find.

    Take a look at this video:
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  3. Well I do not have "save a prostitute" mentality but I have viewed many of the girls my age to be all over the place and a bit immature. Not saying that all girls my age but some are for sure. I think with some older women and I'm talking 5-7 years older women I find them in some situations easier and also for some reason I find it a bit hot that an older women is attracted in me sexually. I might have some confidence issues but I had also girls my age show intrest in me. On top of that many older women are more stable and have that desire.
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    I love milfs, because in my experience they make for better lovers in bed and are more forgiving than insecure young girls.
    Just look at the movie American Pie and you can already see why Stiflers mom would make for a fantastic sex partner.
  5. Cool I Can Use Spaces

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    This is an interesting issue.

    I’ve never been attracted to “MILF Porn” but I’ve been attracted to older women all my life, no sex, just plutonic friendships. I still have two older women who are good friends.

    For me they are an older sister that I’ve never had. I’m the oldest off spring of my parents. It’s nice to have the perspective of an older woman. It’s been my experience that older women are more patient than younger women, usually, not always.
    The one negative I do see with older women is many don’t want to try new things. But once again that’s not always the case.


    If my mother was a factor in my attraction to women I’d probably would have stayed away from them all. My mother had serious issues when I was growing up and could be quite cruel towards me and my sister. My parent’s marriage was and still is lousy. They only stay together for religious/convenience reasons. My dad would regular tell me during my early years to just stay away from women. He never gave me any other advice about women. Only, “Just stay away from them.” LOL!
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    Yeah, I too enjoy Milfs.
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  7. Rehab101

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    For me I dont discriminate, if shes hot im good. Only a few milf are okay for me, because wrinkles and saggy skins turn me off....

    I'm sure everyone has his reasons.
  8. Bragi

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    I don't want to recall porn day. It causes urges, but anyways... I used to watch mainly milfs. And I was straight up into 40-60 year old good loking women. I mean now it's different. I have added something special to my taste - it's values and for me now it's really hard to find a girl/woman I may like.
    Milfs... Well, saggy skin n stuff - never really bothered me. All that matered to me is energy they radiate.
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  9. Gota

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    I was asking this question myself many times... I think for me it's probably inner insecurity feeling. It might be that I have some odd mix of security and sexuality. For a long time I thought that my attraction to mature women was because of porn use, but I abstained from PMO few years ago and I don't see any changes. I don't find women in 20's sexually attractive at all. Maybe good looking, beautiful, but not sexual attractive.

    My father died when I was 14, I spent my teen years living alone with my mother, but I never had any sexual interest towards her.
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  10. To clarify the age range I'm talking about 30-45 years old at most 50 years old. I was also a single child in my family.
  11. Fallensoldier1

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    I would say there is a attraction there but also there are a lot of women around that age that are really attractive. And to me being a mother and grown up and mature, having you priorities in line and such is attractive. Like seeing a woman taking care of her kids, and being nice and sweet, that’s attractive.

    Not a 20 year old girl who is physically attractive but a lot of the times their inside and their heart is unattractive. At that age they are usually just focused on themselves. Not all of them, but the majority.
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    I hate the title of this thread.
    Everything else is ok.
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  13. I can relate. One of my go to porns was milf / mature. And to one of the people that responded about the saggy thing, that never bothered me. Alot of times i would search specifically for "saggy tit milf" vids.
    I can also relate to you that i was also raised by my mother for most of my life and maybe that has something to do with it. And my mother was the type to leave underwear and bras around, that was normal. I also seen her in her underwear quite frequent. We were pretty open. When i got into my later teen years we would occasionally talk open about sex. She knew i was active. I mean we didnt talk dirty but we didnt dance around the subject if it came up. She would also buy be condoms to insure i was being safe.Also she was always an attractive lady. Although i was never interested in her sexually, i found her to be a sexy woman.
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  14. porsche4life

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    I love MILFs, that's the thing that will arouse me all the time. I've liked older women even before porn. Just love confident smart women that are also great in bed.
  15. ultrafabber

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    This is something i was thinking about for a while now.

    I think most of the time it's a sign of anxiety.

    Older women are generally more experienced and stable and can lead a relationship or just sex. This relieves the man of the anxiety to lead. More so, they are more forgiving and patient than young women, which are generally more fiesty.

    So in my opinion an older woman preference is usually a sign of an insecure or anxious man and puts him in a submissive stance.

    I think this is connected or a gateway to femdom and sissy stuff, since all of them deconstruct a man.

    I prefer to stay away from the term milf because it is a degenerate term invented by the porn industry and tangent to incest, the fact that the older woman is a MOTHER should have no connection to sexuality.
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