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  1. For some reason whenever I’m on vacation or just at a hotel. I have streaks that last up to 10-12 days. After a while I am more alone so I fall back into my steps of resetting and relapsing. Yesterday I was upset and angry at something and I used it as an excuse to use cam and just watch. I’m not entirely happy about it. I feel as it is clogging my mind set.

    I would love to feel like I’m on vacation even when at home. But my main problem is my room. How do I beat this mind set, should I avoid my room at all costs for a few days or only when I need to? Motivational speeches and hypnosis’s aren’t helping as I thought they would and I know it needs more time, I do come back every other day.

    If anybody or anybody with a high streak can help with advise I would appreciate it.

    thank you. :)
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    I may not be the one with the longest streak, but I can share with you my opinion, maybe you have longer streaks in hotel rooms because you are out of the safe space of your room, where no one is supposed to be watching you, such streaks may be product of the flatlining effect, wich ends with the sudden reaperence of the urge; how about if you move your devices to the common area or avoid conecting to internet in the room? you can also swich to new indoor activities like painting, reading or playing an instrument.
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  3. I've already had a reflection on this, if you can avoid this room, it's good, and try to do resiguinification, it's a technique I learned that helps a lot.
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