Mindfulness and meditation group?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by ZenBound, Jan 15, 2016.

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    Anyone else interested in a mindfulness and meditation group for those of us who use these tools as part of our NoFap armoury?

    ZB x
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    Yeah man... I want that, what do i have to do?
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    How could we establish something like that? I mean not to be rude, simply browsing the internet isn't as mindfull as sitting still with your eyes closed while you become one with your own breathing right?

    I like the idea of not being alone while I try to lose the "I". We could be a group of people that keep each other responsible for practice, like AP's.

    Perhaps the most benefitial is to share experiences here according to mindfullness and meditation.

    I have to admit that I find a lot of "truth" or "stability" in the words of Sadhguru.
    Being mindfull.

    Alan watts is also nice sometimes to create a bridge.

    My previous streak appeared to be 67 days, I blame my relapse due to a lack of balance, I climbed without balance which turned quite ugly. I got rid of my smartphone since that was a condition I set for a relapse (nearly forgot). Now I'm nearing my second week and I thought lack of a certain balance caused the relapse.

    I got immensely powerful but I neglected to use that power, that energy and eventually I got crushed underneath it. Without that "balance" you can't expect to wield such enormous power and capacity. You could learn and find your balance while you're attaining it but if you fail to do so you'll just crash.

    Ever wondered how people that went for multiple months or maybe a year could slip and fall? It must be their balance. Without that balance is like taking off a helicoptr as a child. You need to learn how to fly it if you want to keep it in the air. If you don't have that "balance" you're going to crash when a storm comes up or the engine gets low on gas.

    Don't mistake the tale for an excuse not to take off. If you crash you won't die like a real helicopter, it'll give you certain insights and you'll probably learn somethings from the whole flight.

    Don't be the fool I was by neglecting my own mental balance. 2 months nofap and you're near conquering the world, imagining what 3 or 4 month would be like are most exciting but when you don't have the balance...

    May you all find that balance.
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  8. I'm very interested in such a group. Throw yoga and mindful fitness in and we'll become thick as thieves.
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    Great to see some interest :)

    Any moderator's around to assist?
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