Minecraft Server?

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Do you play minecraft?

  1. Yeah and I've got a server you can play on

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  2. No, I don't like this game

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  3. No, gaming is stupid

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  4. Yes, but I don't want you on my server

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  5. Yes, but I don't have a server and play mostly offline

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  1. Hey guys (and girls)

    Does anyone of you have a great minecraft community or a server to plays on? I'd be interested in joining a discord server.

    It would be fun to play on a minecraft server to do funny/stupid stuff. Or create megafarms or impossible structures or whatever.

    Message me if you dare :D
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  2. goliaph

    goliaph Fapstronaut

    I had the same situation with my brother. He had a server and didn't play with anyone, he didn't mind if I'm his brother or not. So I started to look for my own server. I found these guys http://ggservers.com they provided me a new server. I have been using this server for 3 years already and I do not have problems, it has never crashed. I can share the server with everyone that I want. Even my brother tried, I'm not as bad as he is hehe, and he said that it is the best one because it has a fast internet connection and little ping.
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  3. Overapple

    Overapple Fapstronaut

    Had to look up “egoist” must be a joy to have a mat parties
  4. Merrywhether

    Merrywhether New Fapstronaut

    I enjoy such games where you can show creativity, though it's not suitable for co-op survival play in my opinion. Games like Don't Starve are more suitable for that.
  5. DortchRules

    DortchRules Fapstronaut

    Hi, maybe you will find what you need on inversegamer , this site contains various information about games, I recommend, It helps me many times, but in my oppinion it is better to play minecraft offline so the game works better. A year ago I bought the game and I don't regret, because this game is worth the money spent and in that way it is much more interesting to play. I like this game very much and I play it almost every day, it is really nice game. So, I hope I helped you with something, have a nice day!
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  6. emmanuilteleshev

    emmanuilteleshev Fapstronaut

    Minecraft is great to play with kids

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