MO before S to improve endurance?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Iguana, Feb 6, 2018.

M before S?

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  1. Iguana

    Iguana Fapstronaut

    Taking in consideration that I'm on a point in my rebooting that I can MO without fantasies or thinking about P just by self pleasuring, I was wondering what would you think about a quick M before you knew you'd get some S (I already did 60+days of hard mode and moving into "normal" mode now with my gf with a healthy mindset).

    I recently broke my hard mode streak with her and my fuse was REALLY short, I'm talking PE levels of short, but I'm afraid of PE (yet) because I've had quite the build-up these two months, sleepless nights of boners and such...

    So what do you think, do you think it would be detrimental? taking in consideration I'm 100% sure we will have S that night. She suggested it but I declined, but maybe it isn't as bad of an idea?. Please share your thoughts
  2. HooEmAi

    HooEmAi Fapstronaut

    No, you can simply ask her to do other things with you as a form of foreplay before you guys go in to do round two of a full-on romp. My go-to is a good 69 session for round one. If you come in a minute, keep going down on her until she does as well. Then rest a few minutes, talking. Go for round two after that. Why do people make it so complicated? You in your early 20's or somethin'?
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  3. Iguana

    Iguana Fapstronaut

    I'm 21 and this is our first serious relationship, after 3 years things are still a little bit awkward when it comes to doing anything outside what "works for us". I never Oed from oral so I wouldn't know if it'd work.

    Maybe we have the wrong approach but I feel that sex is a lot of work from her part so I don't really want to make it worse for her by taking a long time or whatever, hard to explain the whole situation
  4. HooEmAi

    HooEmAi Fapstronaut

    Do yourselves a favor and try it. If weight/mobility are issues, take turns getting each other off with oral. Make it fun. Tell each other what you like. Use positions for the oral you like. I like standing a whole lot while she's on the sofa, ass/feet/legs out. I'm a lower body man. She sometimes like to ride my face between the conventional laying back while I go down on her. The sooner you're open about what you like, the better. For all relationships. Just my .02.

    Don't fret over PE, just get each other off before round two. I promise it works.
  5. phwrancesco

    phwrancesco Fapstronaut

    i suggest you, in case, to have a O with your girl rest with her and then have sex. Even if you come too early she'll feel how you desire her because of your noPMO challenge and will appreciate that.It works for me
  6. ClaudeDuval

    ClaudeDuval Fapstronaut

    I last too long as it is, I could never do this. You might risk not being able to perform properly. Orgasm releases prolactin which kills your boners(why you go soft after busting) I say just go at it full force and if you bust early just go down on her. My GF orgasms in minutes when I give her oral, works everytime. If you want to last longer, don't go in raw, wear a normal condom(not the hyper thin ones).
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  7. PornFreeMe

    PornFreeMe Fapstronaut

    Seems akin to adding salt or water to reduce the sweetness of a drink! After a few times, you'll lose that initial sensitivity. There's plenty you can do for her in the mean time. Let it be- it is what it is. I wouldn't recommending M before the real thing. What a waste!
  8. ClaudeDuval

    ClaudeDuval Fapstronaut

    Exactly my thoughts ;)
  9. Iguana

    Iguana Fapstronaut

    her drive is really low and mine is really high so I build myself up involuntarily over the weeks (or months) that pass between each time we do have S, I feel that It wont go away as long as I'm with her
  10. GG2002

    GG2002 Fapstronaut

    As a woman with an ex that had PI DE, it is horrible when a man lasts this long. I would far more prefer a guy who lasts 5 minutes than one who lasts an hour.
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