Modern media is making us axious and depressed

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    Davey’s research has shown that negative TV news is a significant mood-changer, and the moods it tends to produce are sadness and anxiety. “Our studies also showed that this change in mood exacerbates the viewer’s own personal worries, even when those worries are not directly relevant to the news stories being broadcast,” he says...

    ..While increased anxiety and stress are reason enough to be wary of overdoing it when it comes to the news, these and other mental health afflictions can also fuel physical ailments. Stress-related hormones, namely cortisol, have been linked to inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease and other serious health concerns...

    ..Breuning explains that the human brain is attracted to troubling information because it’s programmed to detect threats, not to overlook them. “This can make it hard for us to ignore the negatives and seek out the positives around us,” she says. “Our brain is predisposed to go negative, and the news we consume reflects this.”

    Full article in Times:

    What do you think of it?
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    My Journal
    I stopped looking up the news a while ago because my anxiety and stress were so much worse when I'd watch, and I'd noticed for some reason I would keep coming back checking up on what the latest incident was. That resulted in a perpetuating cycle I couldn't stop, out of habit I would check all the time.

    I know most news is portrayed in such a way on purpose to get you coming back for more, fear mongering and such works really well and I guess it did on me too.
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    Frank Zappa sang
    it all here way back in the late 70's.
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    Mass media is so warped these days. The same story can have several different versions depending on the network. Ever since 2016 I take "news" with a grain of salt.
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    People are bored. And if they are bored, but with an internet connection, they start to take what is out there. Porn, News, Social Media, Streaming, Shopping, Games, etc.
    They don´t start to learn new skills like languages, piano or crafting something; they don´t read themselve through Wikipedia and scientific articles to improve their knowledge. They don´t start to exercise, write or draw by watching tutorials. Sometimes they do, because they need some argument in an online debate or they got linked to a popular video by facebook, but mostly it is: Meh, I´m bored, what´s next? Well, and if you are asking for just anything to fill your inner void and time, look who comes along, willling to feed you. And all for free! Just your time and attention...
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    Something I always knew; and not to mention, these days it is just Trump derangement syndrome 24/7. smh
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    So much of the "news" is really just advocacy. Most of the media has confirmation bias and amplify the facts that fit their narrative
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    LiveLeak is a more reliable source than mainstream media outlets. We need stuff that contain actual journalism like that, Ruptly and Youtube/facebook/Twitter live feeds. Just show video and let people think for themselves.
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    1973. I had this on vinyl. Still do. I have been able to recite it from memory since I was a child.
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    I really enjoyed "Roxy and Elsewhere". "Cheepnis" "Penguin in Bondage " etc. I used to go to his Philadelphia concerts in late 70;s and recently to Dweezels "Zappa Plays Zappa "shows.
  11. It's probably a bad idea to watch news channels all the time. Reading newspapers, news website and on-demand video is better since you can select what you watch. I don't think you should completely cut off the news since it can inform us of things that affect us. Like for me, I follow the business news since I'm looking for work and changing my career path and knowing what's happening in the economy helps me to know what step to take next. There are certain companies that will not offer job security because they can't sustain their business and I know what these companies are due to listening to the business news. I'd also say it's worth watching BBC Parliment since it will give you a better idea as to what new laws are being passed and what is being considered. But to be honest I find it boring but it probably is more important than those more interesting channels. I do like to follow what Trump in the news because I find that guy hilarious - almost every day he does something that makes me laugh. It wouldn't be funny if what he did effects but most stories about him don't. It's funny though we hear that the media is bad for us from the very news media that's bad for us.

    I think the issue of anxiety is due to the human condition. We worry about the future because we imagine the worse, but 85% of what we worry about never happens. The best thing to do when we worry about the future is bring ourselves back to the present. When you present to the very moment you're in your not going to worry about pointless things. And just because you stop watching the news doesn't mean you'll get rid of anxiety.
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    Not on that, liberal news is pretty much nothing but lies, but the useful idiots who fall for it cause so much trouble. Like those antifa morons, or that jackass who shot up those cops in Dallas, or that jackass Bernie supporter who pretended to be a nazi and a Trump supporter and killed some minorities while yelling pro trump stuff, or those assholes who beat the shit out of some old white guy they believed was a Trump supporter, driving away in his car dragging him..

    Annnnnnnd.... the Rodney King riots, the Tawana Brawley stupidity, constant mass shootings which occur because of the huge attention the media gives them each time.

    Seriously, take the Rodney King and George Zimmerman cases. The common knowledge about the King case was that some racist cops pulled over some motorist for a minor traffic violation and then just beat him because he was black. And for the Zimmerman case, the common belief is that some white dude ran after some 13 year old black kid, and shot him after Trayvon defended himself. That's common knowledge, even though it's entirely false in both cases. Think of it, it's fact, even though it's false. That's the power of the media. Maybe we should do away with freedom of the press. All they do is misuse their power and lie.

    Seriously, the fucking liberal news has so much blood on their hands, its almost a joke.
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  13. Yes, it makes it worse but doesn't cause anxiety. Not watching it may free you from added worry but not watching it doesn't make you free from worry. Like I said 85% of the things many worry about never happen and if someone remains present in the moment they're in they're less likely to worry.

    Having said that if someone has chronic anxiety it's different. From my understanding chronic anxiety doesn't come from the external but the internal, you remove the external you still have anxiety because it comes from internal. Chronic anxiety is a tough thing to have since it's lot harder to cope with, but I think not consuming news is neither here nor there since it has nothing to do with the external. It's a bit like depression, someone's life can be going great but they can still be depressed because depression has little to do with the external.
  14. Of course! TV /social media is responsible for the broken youth nowadays. Those two tools are destroying humanity.. And nobody seems to care or adjust.
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    I rarely see positive news.
    Whenever I see a news channel, I read about wars, accidents, murder, abuse and misuse of children.
    About conflicts, damage, orcanes and flood waves.

    This stuff doesn't make happy.
    I cannot eat a heavy pie without feeling anything in my stomach.
    Same with my brain. It goes into our brains where it "does" something to us.
    It creates a certain image of our world. I believe and have experienced that this kind of entertainment can enstrengthen the anxiety that's already inside of us.
    When I had a depressive time in my life, i decide not to watch news at all. I didn't miss a thing and it couldn't feed my depression.
    Now I got rid of my depression, I actually don't need to watch the news, but for some reason I keep on watching.
    Time to decide again not to watch :)
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  16. zadvanceppa

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    My television broke about a month or so ago. All I have is my laptop and the mount where my TV used to hang.. I now notice that this has been a very productive and happier month. Yes ,I can still grab some news or shows on my laptop, but not much and instead I view Tedtalks or nofap or generally search out other more constructive materials. The TV has been an addiction of mine just as problematic as PMO. Both have been out of my life and I can honestly say, it makes a world of difference. I concentrate on my circle of influence. I've known for years that television was turning me into a numb idiot. What a time waster.
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  17. SolitaryScribe

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    Tragedies sell. People usually don't care for good things happening
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  18. Fenix Rising

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    "Human brain is attracted to troubling information because it’s programmed to detect threats, not to overlook them. “This can make it hard for us to ignore the negatives and seek out the positives around us,” she says. “Our brain is predisposed to go negative, and the news we consume reflects this.”
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    Many people take so much care about what kind of food they eat (is it organic? and true vegan?! calories?) or how much they jog and exercise, while same time being totally unaware about all the garbage/advertisements/propaganda they daily allow soaking into their brain and mind.
  20. SolitaryScribe

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    I'm beginning to think that the rise in anxiety and depression can be due to the accessibility we have to information. Where ever you look, you'll see some sort of tragic story. Personally I hate seeing that kind of stuff, and I'd rather be ignorant and be happy rather than depress myself by overindulging in news.

    I think I read somewhere which stated that millennials have a propensity to over think and over worry. Which I think is true, but I think it's the consequence of the information age we grew up in.
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