Molding the Clay Mind

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  1. Something must well up inside of us. There must be some drive that pushes us over the edge. Once you find it, you keep getting stronger. Our goal of bettering ourselves—of conquering this addiction—must be sought after like we seek oxygen to breathe. Defining this drive can hardly be put into words. It’s a spark within you that can only be felt. It can’t be shared with others, only the after-effects will be seen. But when it comes, you can feel it. It’s that thing you see in other people that you just don’t understand. This is what defines great people. They have this drive, and they stop at nothing to get what they want; they need it like oxygen.

    If you’re reading this than you know what you want, you want to stop using pornography. You need to stop it. The addiction is seeping into your life in more ways than you imagined. Take that goal and find the drive somewhere inside you. This drive must not only be a part of your life, it must be your life. Everything we do reflects it. Our speech must change, our diet, our cleaning habits; everything we do must be cleaned up.

    We are opening the curtains in a dark room. Opening the windows and airing the place out. Then we get out our cleaning agents and start scrubbing. Don’t avoid the nooks, the corners behind the couch and behind the TV. Move things around, reorganize, uplift and repeat. Leave nothing unturned.

    That sounds like a lot of work. IT IS. It is so much work to turn the mind around. The mind is like clay. We mold this clay every day with what we say, do and think. All of it helps shape this clay like matter. Changing the shape of this clay is tough because it starts to harden. Repeating tasks over and over again hardens the clay into the shape you made it. We are going to break down this shape we made. This hardened clay mind needs remolding to the way we see the world now. Things have changed. We no longer like the sides of the shape, the design, the size, the color. We want something better.

    To break it down takes some tools. It also takes another hand sometimes, some extra muscle. Slowly the clay shape loosens and becomes pliable again. Shape it right this time. The funny thing is, when we develop extraordinary habits to change and reshape ourselves, the mind never hardens again. That’s the secret of the leaders, the great ones. They never let their minds harden again. They stay agile, flexible, sharp, ever ready to learn the next thing, take the next direction from their mentor, create their next power, better another part of their life that no one will ever notice, but they see it. They have to in order to breathe.

    Build your willpower with better-than-expected actions, use affirmations, seek help from the great ones, make deposits with everyone around you, help others, create a mind that you enjoy being with and be with that mind for one hour every day; sharpen the saw. When you have done all that, do it again and again and again.
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  2. Dan-

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    This post gave me chills.
    What you wrote will make each of us remember how much power we have in hour hands.
    That's inspiring and it really boosted my confidence. I am in control of my routine, my habits, my life.
    I am the sculptor of my brain, I am the architect of my future.
    Thank you for this!
  3. I have to refrain here from enthusiastically posting a song and image, and simply say BRAVO.

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  4. Macabre

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    I agree. We must all band together as champions.
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