Monk Mode - Day 30

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Ra1, May 5, 2019.

  1. Ra1

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    I can't believe i did it, The Monk Mode for 30 days.
    Let me tell you guys who i was 30 days back

    1. Less focused on my Goal and more on fantasies. I failed twice to achieve my goal.

    2. PMO- twice or thrice in a day.

    3. Fat and ugly - around 115 Kgs

    4 extremely emotional sometimes, ultimately PMO

    5 Sleeping 9-10 hours a day, still feeling tired and lazy

    According to my friends and family I am good at studies. Even they couldn't understand how i failed twice in my goal, but i knew why i failed. It is the PMO that kept me distracting. Kept me an idiot and fool. Once or twice i promised myself to abstain form Porn and use photograph and playboy only (no action!!) But ultimately my subconscious mind used to trick me like "its the same " or "Iam not satisfied with this". Hence i started PMO again. At one point i had understand that i cannot beat the Monkey of my mind. I watched TedX and other numerous psychology videos and self help books for porn addiction but i failed like always. Then around 35 days back

    I Found Nofap

    Lete tell you who I am now

    1. Today i can run for 3 Km straight without stopping

    2. My weight has definitely dropped. I don't know the no but my tight jeans is non wearable without a belt.

    3 i have started appreciating myself, earlier i hated looking myself into mirror

    4 Focus - not absolute but very high focus while studying and the future. Earlier fantasies during Pdfs always tired into PMO

    5 I wake up around 4:30 and sleep almost 7 hours. The energy and freshness is amazing

    What i did?

    I took it as a hardest battle of my life. Either it will make me a millionaire or a broke. Hence I chose not the Hard Mode but the Monk Mode

    How i Did?

    1. I stopped my unlimited Internet subscription and got a very limited one

    2. I stopped looking any kind of erotic Ad/pic/scene which often appear on the internet. I remember i closed my eyes in Arya stark - Gendry scene (lol)

    3 unfollowed every girl from Instagram except my crush. Most importantly stayed away from the Models/Actors and random girls

    4 Used internet very sparingly

    5 Commanding my mind " You can't beat me this time "

    Is it this Perfect and easy?

    No Mate its not, trust me
    Sometimes the mind tricks you to panic or when you see a cute girl outside it sometimes or sitting idle you start fantasizing. Hence the chain reaction start

    1. First you feel low and anxiety surrounds you
    2 You think about doing PMO "Just Once"
    3 Anxiety enhances
    4. You relapse

    My advice is that after stage 3 go straight to nofap forum. Trust me it has saved me on my day 5
    I know this is no big achievement but today
    my anxiety levels are high hence i came here.

    This forum gives me the power to suppress my anxiety. Earlier it was PMO
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    NoFap Defender

    Nice. Doing great!
  3. blackra1n

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  4. Ayman.kas

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    Well done brother! im glad to see your energy and confidence levels have risen hundredfold! Congratulations! Keep going my man
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  5. stoneyman22

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    Good job man! Don't stop now, chaser effect can turn a long streak into another memory in a matter of a week or two. Keep your head up nothing can take your achievement away from you but you. I'm inspired by your story and I'm going to attempt and follow in your footsteps with my own 30-day challenge!
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    Congrats bhai....Keep going.
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  7. A K S

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    Great ,keep inspiring us...
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    working out with NOFAP is crucial
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  9. Ra1

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    Yes man you can do it. Everything seems impossible until it is done
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  10. vendamone

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    excellent.thanks for sharing your story
  11. Asgardian36

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    I am inspired by your post, man.
    Waking up early has always been a problem for me. Its great see you have overcome it. Keep going, man! I want to see your 90 days post so much.

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