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Monk Mode for 10 days

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by SV47, Jan 18, 2023.

  1. SV47

    SV47 Fapstronaut

    I relapsed very badly yesterday. I like reached my lowest point of this year (according to averages on spreadsheet) So I thought I have to rapidly get out of this drug addict situation and get back on track. I used to exercise daily and meditate but after I got sick around 25 December, I got very inconsistent on these habits. So I will do monk mode from 19 January to 29 January to see some improvement. I really want to be consistent when it comes to meditation because I hear it a lot that meditation is essential for nofap success.

    Anyways, how do we do monk mode?

    It is simple. Set some habits to do every day and some things to avoid. Also decide when to start and when to end.

    START: 19 January
    END: 29 January

    • Meditation for 10 minutes. It had to be good meditation, not the one which gets repeatedly interrupted by thought. So to get 10 min of good meditation, I will meditate for 20 min.
    • Exercise every day. 24 push ups and 12 pull ups just before eating or with empty stomach.
    • Every day in the morning, check out your time table and revise 10 commandments so I don't sin.
    • Stay busy as much as possible. If there is no work then go and develop the java program on which I am working right now. Java is fun and will help me in passing time.
    • No triggering absolutely. Don't touch here and there at all.
    • No shit talk with friends. Only talk about NoFap, studies and other school related stuff. Gossips and talk about other people not allowed.
    • Don't be proud of streak. Don't try to tell everyone about on which day I am at. Only tell them when they ask.
    • Remember, don't put Holy Lord God on a foolish test. This was the main reason why I masturbated and sinned on 17th Jan.
    • Whenever temptation come, get busy, cry to Lord, "I am slipping, Lord!" and most importantly don't argue with this stupid brain that wants to commit it's primitive desires.
    Let's see how this goes.
  2. SDJR

    SDJR Fapstronaut

    Read the book peak mind by amishi Jha. I think your idea of what meditation should be is misguided
  3. SV47

    SV47 Fapstronaut

    DAY 2: Things are going good. I have decided to now do 30 pushups and 15 pullups because I feel previous goal was too easy. The hardest rule was 'No shit talk with friends', I still ended up talking shit but good thing was I didn't talked about anything sexual. Best thing of this monk mode is that I have stopped triggering myself like I did in my previous streak.

    Also didn't got much time yesterday to write. Yesterday went good, I think this monk mode is too easy. I will make next one more harder.

    Yeay, I know that is not the way to meditate. I wrote it like that because I spend half of the time just thinking.
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  4. NfBigGlP

    NfBigGlP Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the update, The exercise is a good idea. I have started to jog.
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  5. SV47

    SV47 Fapstronaut

    DAY 3 (Yesterday): I slipped on my exercise routine and only did 13 push ups and 5 pull ups.
    DAY 4: This day went well. Today I tried to make sure I will complete my goal of exercise for today.
    Also I noticed that music during meditation helps. For first 15 minutes I meditated but it was a bad one, then I remembered some Fapstronaut saying music helps to flush out thoughts and it really does.
    I had some quality meditation after a long time.
  6. SV47

    SV47 Fapstronaut

    Going good so far. Only thing with which I am struggling with is meditation. It seems so hard to flush out all those annoying thoughts. I was only able to do it for like 10 minutes today. Other than that, doing good with exercise and also I have completely stopped triggering myself to sexual desires.

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