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    As a teenager I always was one of those who comes to school and afraid to interact with new people..
    I did have alot of friends but not quality friends.

    I was very shy with girls and unconfident. Didn't spend time to do productive things, always searched for immidiate satisfaction ,and basically acted like a zombie that was told what to do his entire life... no goals and no motivation to act for them.

    I didn't treat fapping as an addiction but it was always a thing that I had to do at least three times a week.
    At first I thought that nofap is not real and that it only has psychological results for overcoming an addiction but I realized that there is something beyond that is hard to explain..
    It boosts your confidence and consciousness to a level so high that you feel like you can be the king of your country...
    You grow to be the man that you were meant to be since you were born(in the past porn was not existed and look at the evolution they did)

    Playing guitar is much more easier because of the brain fog lift and you start seeing things alot more clearly.
    And you can talk to people in the street freely without even feeling strange about it.
    I sometimes smile for no reason when i'm alone just thanking god for my existence!

    I've tried nofap for 6 months but i really got into it for the last 2 months and I almost mastered monk mode.
    I stopped smoking weed, drinking alcohol and started socializing with abnormal people that won't judge me for who I am.
    I started having super strong eye contact, I meditate and cold shower every day because it helps me big time to get in the zone.
    Food for me is fuel for the brain and if you use bad food it will have negative consequences on your overall performance that will affect your positiveness and focus.

    I had one wet dream, and one lucid dream after which almost made me relapse. (A girl came through a wall and started touching herself in my bed next to me...) I got to a point that I am so mentally strong that I threw her out of the house during a lucid dream.
    I started understanding that there is something beyond our phisical body, other dimensions that are hard to get in but possible.
    I also have pressure in my forehead that's lasting for over two months and I can't fall asleep before five am.
    It's like someone is telling me information about the past through visions..
    I reached a high level of meditation that i can lay down on my bed and make my body fall asleep when I'm fully aware of my bloodstream cycle.
    I started doing astral projection but I didn't go past the vibrations part- im still trying to control the excitment of it because it's such an amazing thing to do and alot of people don't know about this in the world..

    I don't know if all of these subjects are common but I still think that I need to share this with you.

    This is the first time that I'm uploading a post of any kind on the internet so go easy on me haha
    25.4.18- started monk mode without relapses.

    9.6.18(75 days)- managed to realize im inside a dream, pull myself to my astral body consciousness and immediately fly backwards from my body into the building that I live in, got to a little higher floor but then accidentally I had the picture of my body...
    I woke up with joy and screaming of happiness to my older brother that kinda knows the deal about these things and told him what I did.
    he cheered me. Felt like the most happy guy in the world even tho I crashed :D
    Maybe my astral body doesn't have the energy to fly yet.

    13.6.18(79 days)- Vibration is rising and my beard is much more.. tuned.
    started eating chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, fruits and vegtables every single day
    Almost no sugar intake

    For those who are curious- I'm from Israel, I have the aquarius sign and I'm 18.
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  2. Great experience buddy. Thanks for sharing.
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    Very inspiring and stuff like this motivates me for monk mode more
    Which is simply the REAL REBOOT
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  4. Are you sure it was projection of your own mind? Maybe it was succubus? These demons sometimes visit people's dreams and seduce them to feed on their sexual energy. I imagine they do not face such rejection very often tho. :emoji_muscle::emoji_sunglasses::emoji_middle_finger:
  5. Galaxy in our eyes

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    It felt like a dream
    Didn't manage to astral project consciously yet but it's only a matter of time
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  6. Yea, cos succubus entered in your dream! Everything else was a dream, just the creature in it wasn't.

    You know you can actually enter other people's dreams from astral realm, yea? That's what these creatures do. And since you haven't projected yet I assume you have not met a real entity either, so you probably haven't learned how to tell difference between thought forms and real, sentient astral beings.

    Yea, but you're right. The chance of it being succubus is pretty low. I'm just trying to plant a seed of doubt in your mind for the lolz. But then again, your sexual Chi is very high on nofap. So that might be something that would attract those energy feeding creatures...
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    Great post, good work dude.

    Hope your head and sleep improves soon.

    Good luck with the astral projection. Takes some work to move beyond fear barriers. Most people think they are dying or something. There is a cord / thread that connects you to your body though.
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    Yes, vital energy is used in orgasm for procreation. People become slave to pleasure, while pleasure should be their slave.
  9. Excuse me, I am new to nofap. But what does monk mode mean?
  10. Galaxy in our eyes

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    It means you can't spend time on instagram, facebook because it can lead you to sexual thoughts so basically you avoid all sexual thoughts in any way.
    That will prevent you from having wet dreams and will help you having semen retention.
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  11. Galaxy in our eyes

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    Lately my head pressure had a drastic increase.. I hope it will get better soon because it's starting to be painful..
  12. Reads like you have to deal with too much stored energy in the head.
    I recommand
    Healing Light of the Tao: Foundational Practices to Awaken Chi Energy
    by Mantak Chia, in this books he explains how to use and circle the Chi energy around your bodychannels. As a fast advice - you have to place the tip of your tongue against your upper palate, directly behind the teeth. It works there like a switch and bridge, so the energy stored in your head, can be led down from the head through your tongue over the throat and chest down to your navel.
    The small energy circle runs up the spine on your back up to the head and then down the front again, back to the genitals. Try to meditate about this flow of the energy. You can lead it down from the head to the navel, that should ease the pressure.
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  13. ILoveAvocados

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    How are you able to avoid those thoughts? In my case they are simply coming out of nothing and it's hard to instantly think of something else...
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  14. Galaxy in our eyes

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    You need to find what works for you and use it every time.
    For example when it happens to me I instantly shake my head and think about something else in less than 5 seconds...
    It's easy for me now because i've been on monk mode for like 80 days now but I still have sexual thoughts because after all we're living in a world that is so obsessive with sex that you see it everywhere and that's why it feels impossible for most people to abstain from pmo...
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  15. Galaxy in our eyes

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    I can feel electricity all over my body when i wake up in the morning or when i lay down and meditate and when i try to astral project i feel like someone is cutting my third eye inside my brain is this normal?
  16. Our third eye is the gateway to other dimensions. So it might be normal that it is acting out when you try to astral project. I never had this happen myself, just vibrations and sounds. But I have heard other people report similar things when they attempt projecting. It is possible that the pressure you feel is your third eye attempting to "brake free" to let you project. Or maybe some force is trying to prevent you from projecting. Or maybe some other reason. I am not that experienced to tell you what to do if it is very painful. If it hurts if I were you I would focus on mindfulness meditation heavily for few weeks, get a lot of sunlight and do water fasting - these things helps to get rid of energetic blockages. Then try again after few weeks.

    Also pressure in your head and inability to sleep might be due to having too much energy there. Do you have any methods of circulating that energy through your body? I think what Vandermeer suggested above is important. You need to learn to circulate all the rising Kundalini down from your third eye through front meridian into your Sacral chakra where it can be safely stored. Your inability to sleep, pressure in head and pain during projection might be simply because there is too much Kundalini stuck in your head.
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  17. Vedas_fr

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    I am very interested in your efforts to astral project. If you are seriously comitting to daily exercices, i will follow you with much attention. Please keep up us to date with this aspect of your goals. Nofap will help you in that way.
    This is something i wanted to try myself but didn't commit enough and wasn't very successful. If you could do a journal of your progress and exercices, lot of people would follow and encourage you.
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  18. kayesem

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    I think even if you did project, the pain in your body would auto-alarm call you back to take care of it.

    I agree with the take a rest, find a way to clear your energy approach, and look at you diet / environment / habits to try to nail down the cause of your pain.

    Be as enlightened as you want, it's not going to be enough to stop chronic physical pain. At least not until you are levitating above the rest of us down here on earth.
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  19. Galaxy in our eyes

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    I reduced my meat intake and I'm trying some kundalini energy flow it seems to ease the pain alot. It felt before like my head was going to explode but now it's close to normal thank you all for your advice.
  20. That is MCO. Microcosmic orbit. Its a flow of vital (human, not things in nature, like electricity in a bulb), post-natal (comes from this world, gathered in this life, mainly though eating and breathing, to be distinguished from energy acquired from parents or past alternate lives) energy (always in motion, in other words, it is not a resource that is stored statically but rather dynamically by being maintained in a constant flow) in torso. It is natural and goes forwards and backwards. The body will naturally dedicate some vital energy for this flow depending on how healthy it is. But it's always a small percentage. The traditional exercise is to put your awareness along the flow, as energy foollows attention and it will accumulate in the MCorbit but you should also be building your energy, like 100x times that of normal people. We're talking maybe 5 minutes of this for every 2-3 months of physical celibacy :). It is an internet hype that is wrong. If you rewire too much energy, not only you take from the vital organs and brain and muscles, but you can mess up some things and don't cry if you get psychosis or illnesses pop up for no reason...

    I recommned against all mantak chia, mco and kundalini stuff on the internet. It's all wrong, misguided usually and something that happens naturally anyway. It is vital energy flows, screw them and you're screwed mate.

    The taoists ( the ancient asians, the ancient samurai/ninja who had a civilisation much like the anime naruto, where vital energy is chakra, and the various categories of ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, are quite well beased not on fiction; regardless the anime don't show proper training that can take books to reveal, and it's an anime only at the end of the day. Do not play randomly with chi/prana/vital energy) say until you have build a lower dan tien/the muladhara chakra from yoga, keep sending energy there. Just google lower dan tien. The lower cauldron. That point in the belly area, in the middle of the body, put your attention there if anything. Of if you do tai chi or related martial arts reroute energy there at the end of every training sessions. You build a lower dan tien/lower cauldron by amasing vital energy there. We're talking 100s and 1000s of times the vital energy normal people have in their whole system, for you to have in one major point in the body. So keep doing that for a good 5-8 years of celibacy. More if you start having sex and thus loosing big amounts of vital energy.

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