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    You basically advice me to imagine my energy flow down my belly and keep that there? And also to not masturbate for 8 years untill i get real superpowers? It sounds interesting.. but what about wet dreams and having coitus every once in a while?
    Will I lose the powers?
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    Eating more meat helps ground me when i am floating off into space too far. In any case, glad to hear what you are doing has been working for you : )
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    Thank God, Tao or whatever that rules our lives for letting me find this thread! I'm on a 20-something day streak (this far I honestly don't remember how many days I haven't stroked it) and been dating a girl for little more than a month but I'm not getting along with her at all, so in order not to feel the need to be with any girl I can't stand just for not feeling alone I better might be breaking up with her and giving this a try
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  4. Calm down with jokes guys, I didnt say you get supernatural powers from just building vital energy. This is more like a template that supports that. Like getting healthy wont increase iq necesarilly...or improve concentration. But its a foundation for that.
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  5. Well, this is a theory, of course, but my take on this is that you performed serious spiritual techniques in a previous life such as yoga, meditation or other systems that strongly affected the neurophysiology and states of awareness, and as you are now redirecting sexual energy going monk-mode, you are kicking off where you had left off before with these fantastic experiences. Your intuition should then lead you to the appropriate system to maximize your growth in that area.

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