Monk Mode Phase 3 - 150 Days

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  1. Yesterday I finished 150 Days of Phase 3 of Monk Mode (I do NoFap in Phases) and today I moved onto do 180 days of Monk Mode Phase 4.

    As I live in a monastery, I do hours of meditation and chanting and even though this is the normal part of most days, it helped a lot. Now urges are very rare, its almost like as if I need to put a lot of effort to get an urge. I very rarely get erections (please be aware that I am aiming for a celibate life and I am on the line to becoming a monastic - this does not mean you lose your ability to have erections).

    I feel I have reached the point within these 150 days where I can maintain celibacy effortlessly.

    I did cold showers without a break for the past 60 days.

    There were some aspects which were no perfect. Like I wanted to abstain from foods which had added sugar as well as sweets, but out of the entire length of MMP3, I did this consistently for the past 60 days. It was the same with 'the Dopamine Challenge' where I was breaking off during somedays but for the last 60 days I did it in an uninterrupted manner (Scandanavian Bob on YouTube has a video on how to do the Dopamine Challenge). Some days I listened to music when I promised myself not to. I couldnt maintain the 5 Tibetan Rites everyday.

    So these are some of the things I hope to patch up on the next phase of NoFap.

    Despite not keeping to some of the things I promised myself, I am far far away from every getting back into PMO.

    Now my main target is wet dreams. I hope to fix this once and for all and I will do whatever it takes within reasonable limits. I feel I can do it and currently I am in touch with someone who has sorted this out for himself and he is helping others too. I will be in touch with him when necessary.
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    Congrats on the 150 days. I wanted to ask you how did you manage the withdrawal symptoms? (if there were any)
  5. I did lots of meditation (I am a Buddhist) so I really did not feel any withdrawal symptoms coming up. Also I did cold showers more often than not and later this became a daily habit. I also did the 5 Tibetan Rites morning and night. I also did intermittent fasting (no food after lunch - just water or tea only after lunchtime). I found the combination of them helped me to reduce the impact of negative feelings over powering me. I was particularly careful about boredom, because usually my main states of mind prior to accessing P was usually boredom.

    I also made sure that in the first 90 days when I was home I watched at least one NoFap video per day as well as logging into NoFap as often as I could. This way I felt like I was part of a community and didnt feel the loneliness.
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    Very impressive man keep it up!!!!
  7. If you could go back to day one,

    What piece of advice would you give yourself?
  8. That NoFap is not a passive process. You need to actively put work into it. All the streaks I failed, I just thought it was about only avoiding PMO. But when I started this current streak back in September last year, I read material on celibacy (Brahmacharya), took cold showers, did 5 Tibetan Rites.

    I would also tell myself that everything which can appear as a resistance is a backdoor to PMO. So I made a list of P-sub, and even though in the early stages of my current reboot I did not avoid it, at least I was aware that P-sub can be a stepping stone to PMO. P-sub is very easy to come by and P-sub material is ubiquitous in the mass media. So this made me more mindful of the set narrative I made for NoFap, that when I was exposed to a trigger I was on guard.

    I watched NoFap videos almost every single day during the first 90 days and that made me more conscious of what I was supposed to avoid during the 90 day period. I also kept reminding myself why I am doing NoFap, because this was the first streak where I thought of the 'why' over and over again. After my first 100 days of NoFap I started a NoFap written journal, and in the front pages I wrote why NoFap and what would happen if I fail NoFap. In the current phase that I am (NoFap Monk Mode Phase 4) I wrote the why and why not and try to visualize myself in the future with being successful with NoFap as well as what would happen to me if I fail.

    I am currently living in a monastery and on my way to becoming ordained as a monk, so 'NoFap' is compulsory (as in full celibacy in body, mind and speech). It means I dont have the options I used to have in the outside world. The best lesson I learnt in this streak of NoFap is that sometimes having less options is better in life, because it helps you to be more focused. There was a time I was thinking about sexual perfectionism about being able to retain semen with a female lover. So thinking along these lines made my mind thinking along such topics which made me PMO from time to time. But later I gave up thinking and just focused on celibacy only for this streak of NoFap and gave it my undivided attention. And now celibacy is so much easy, but I am not going to settle for that. I will keep reading literature on celibacy at both secular as well as spiritual levels. My new goal is to aim for perfection of celibacy and if I was to go back to day 0 I would still aim for this, because sometimes we need to aim at the far distance to have any hope of landing in the middle.
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    Thank you for this post and the good responses to the comments.
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    I have not reached full 3o days till. I m trying this from more than a year. I am feeling ashamed today as just not within fraction os second I lost my control and again failed on dayb15.

    Please guide me. My target wadvto reachb90 days by dec 31.

    I have been improving from 2/ 3 times a day year before to 3/4 times in last 50 days.
    But, still I m far from what I desired. More than getting results it's the feeling of lack of will power to do few days hurts...

    Shef some light dear monk friend
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    I am happy for your streak, man! Being a monk, what would be your main responsibilities? Why would you choose to be a celibate? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
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    Best wishes on your spiritual journey.
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  13. Hi, I highly recommend the free online document called Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Even though I was way passed rebooting by the time I finished reading the text, it still put the avoidance of PMO in a whole different viewpoint, which eliminated most of the chances for relapse and having to start from square 1. For me it was like the point of no return.

    You need to ask yourself why you are doing NoFap. It is the 'why' that drives us, that helps us to keep our purpose of NoFap in mind. The 'why' helps to keep maintain the narrative we set for ourselves.

    Please take cold showers when you have the impulse to watch PMO. This made a big difference. Identify the time of the day where you are most likely to PMO (for a lot of people this is early morning or night before bedtime). If you have a habit of watching P followed by MO during these times then replace them with cold showers. If you can do the Wim Hof breathing for 3 cycles, then stay under the warm shower for 1 or 2 minutes. Then step out, and make the shower cold and try to stay under the cold shower for 5 minutes. But dont force yourself to stay for 5 minutes. Listen to your body and if you feel like coming out of the cold shower then come out. With me, I started with 5 minutes, and then I progressed to 10 minutes. A person can go on for 30 minutes in a cold shower before getting hypothermia, so provided you dont have a medical condition that puts you at risk, then 5 minutes should be well within the safety margin.

    If you can do the 5 Tibetan Rites everyday (after the cold showers but not before). Start from 1 cycle and add 2 cycles every week upto 21 cycles. Try to do it in the morning and night. Also if you get UC (Urge & Craving) then you can do the 6th Tibetan Rite (maximum 3 cycles but no more).

    Learn 'Urge Surfing'. This will be useful when you are not in situations to take cold showers.
  14. A monk's life can vary. But in this monastery it is mostly to be a meditator. Celibacy is an important pre-requisite because it helps the mind to go into deeper states in meditation. I can explain this in more detail.
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    yes man....i look forward to a detaied explanation as to what made you become a monk? Would you have access to internet at this monastery?
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    Thanks a lot .... I will incorporate them..... Thnks again
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    If you find out the true way to resolve the wet dream nights then i'm glad to know it how is it work !
  18. What is really important is the 'why' as to why I became a postulant (need to be in this post for 1 year before accepted as a novice which I have to do at least 1 year before accepted to the community as a fully ordained monk. Also I cant say exactly how things will go in the future, given that it is common that people do disrobe and go back to their former lay lives.

    A monk's life involves a life avoiding sense pleasures (such as music, films etc). This is not because entertainment and sex are bad things. Ofcourse they are good things in life. However I am convinced that there is something beyond that. Something which I cant see or perceive for now, but I will only be able to experience them only if I let go of sense pleasures. Its like climbing a ladder, you need to let go of the bottom rungs to reach the top rung. You need to leave the ground in order to fly. When the mind has less interest in the sensory world, the more likely it is to go into deep states in meditation, which are meant to be profound experiences which I am yet to experience. I am convinced that the monk's way of living is the optimum lifestyle to progress in meditation and hopefully become fully enlightened speaking from a Buddhist point of view. Other religions may have their own take on a monastic / hermit life.
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  19. It can take sometime. I use methods such as listening to subliminal affirmations made by a contact I came across in reddit. He tried it on himself and he has been free of wet dreams for more than 3 months.

    I believe it is a combination of things but the most vital aspect is to keep the mind free from thoughts about sex.
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    Hey man, first off, I don't want to offend you. Lets just say that you have avoided sense pleasures and have reached enlightenment prom a Bhuddist is that going to help the world unless you pass on your values or goodness to other people??? I hope you are getting what I'm trying to say. True, you achieving enlightment is going to help you. what next? what will you plan to do with it?

    Please reply only if you want to. Feel free to ignore my questions if you don't wanna answer.

    Take care, man.

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