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    One Mouth ago i started PM.
    i've done 22 days with P and F but now i am about to take this to another level.
    I quitted porn for good, deleted all my porn videosa n' accounts. (Over 100Gb)
    Monk Mode Journey!
    - i'm quitting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    - I will only watch Self-Improvement chanels, Free Courses, Documentaries, Science Vlogs and some Buddhist content on YOUTUBE.
    - Tantric sex with My Girlfriend(Low O)
    - Body improvement, Brain improvement, Heath Improvement
    - After work just 100% improvenet, 5 days a week
    - Two Days of FULL REST (Saturday and Sunday)

    I call this Soft Monk Mode, I intend to do the normal monk mode in the future
    (And maybe Hard Monk Mode[spend time in monasteries, temples, forests just meditating])
    GUYS, NOFAP and not using porn is really powerful. Is changing my life!
    i'm Just 27 days Off P and M
    And 7 days of Monk Mode i will report my results with this technique here.

    PS: i'm doing Low O 'cause i have girlfriend, but O only with Tantric sex.

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