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    It's been 16 yrs since I lost the light, am cursed, I want to end this and live a human life, porn turned me into a gross monster, am a danger to everyone around me. Am possessed and I've tried everything to stop.ill keep trying, maybe I need a friend, help me out guys !!!! It's ruined me !
  2. Breathe my friend. You are the light, you need need to shine it back on you to really see your true worth. Take it slowly. Start with one good thing to do. I know that when we're in that dark space, nothing can seem enjoyable, but it's better to do something and feel bad, than do nothing and feel bad. Besides, doing that one thing can help lift you, for sure. Try listening to some motivational video. Go for a long walk and recite positive things. Think of those good times. Fun times. They're real! don't forget you've been happy before. It's a starting place, so try and be patient and know that better times are just round the corner.
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