Mood swings..I do not want depression again

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  1. I am around two weeks, I dont count it, my mood swings are pretty fu*king bad. I feel like a worthless sh*t. I have no confidence and I am really insecure, I am also overthinking about my relationship which makes me jelous for no reason. Have anyone experienced these things? Is there anything I could get better? I am hanging out a lot and talk to a lot of people, but when I am alone, everything collapses, my mind just blows up.
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  2. I know what you mean man. I am only on Day 8 but I have been going through some crazy anxiety and mood swings the past few days...
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    Find someone to talk with, you could even PM me if you want. I know what that feels like, just stay strong
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    Recognising you have mood swings is the key to successfully eliminate them. When your mood shifts you have to take notice of what you're thinking of, which thoughts trigger the mood swing and which ones are the most dominant during that time, then, once you know what is bringing you down, question if those thoughts are actually true and what can you do to feel better. Daily meditation also helps.
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    I started having depression and heavy mood swings 1 year ago too. Still struggling with it! Try cognitive therapy, that helped me a lot
  6. Still some mood swings after one month. Anxiety is total gone, like wtf. so just be patiented, brain is healing.
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    dont give up. you are vulnerable now. dont deteriorate further. i have failed on numerous ocassion. stay strong.
  8. Thanks guys, good to see that I am not struggling alone with these thoughts! All the best for you!

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