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  1. Squall_ken

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    everytime after Relapse (O) why i am get very emotional and moody. I have a friend who fap trice everyday but he can manage his emotion. But why i am when i got used to fap once a week get very emotional unbalanced after relapse. Thanks
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  2. Master Chips

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    Addiction of masturbation has symptoms, they differ from one another, but they are eventually the same ones mostly. Changeable Mood, Depression, anxiety, are all included from the symptoms of Masturbation.
    You don't need to compare yourself with others. Some of those I know do show their "happiness by masturbation", but it is about you who I would feel its pain, its cons. And it is you who would realise the importance of leaving it!
    Fapping has no any good or positive thing at all. Be honest with yourself.
  3. Rising Sun !!

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    You're getting emotional and moody because you relapsed and broke your streak(no matter how many days it was). While quitting PMO, let's say that you are 1 week free from PMO, your body just feels more stronger, you are more happy, confident, healthy.. Etc and when you relapse, your body feels like all these benefits you just saw in a week have fade away. You just feel sad (though you shouldn't be)
    Another tip is to don't fap at all and be always happy.
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    But that's exactly the point. Being in NoFap you must deal with your emotions, not just numb it with PMO. I see much more prosperous future for you than for your friend.
  5. i agree brotha

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