Moral subversion: Pornography as weapon of Psychological Warfare

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    This really happened. Below is just one instance of how Pornography was used in real life warfare.

    On January 12, 2002, the Islamic Association for Palestine news agency ran an article claiming that representatives of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Israeli Shin Beth experts have recommended that the relatively conservative Palestinian society be flooded with pornography, drugs and gambling in order to keep Palestinian youths away from joining the resistance against Israeli occupation and apartheid. The idea, according to the IAP report, "first came from the Israeli side who suggested that only these things could take Palestinian youths away from their hostile fixation on Israel." Apparently Israel tried broadcasting pornography from at least one television station in the southern part of the West Bank, but had to pull back from its cultural offensive because of protests from Jewish settlers in the area, who felt that "pornography materials on local screens could have a detrimental effect on the settler population." "The settlers," according to one source cited in the IAP article, "are mostly religious people and like most Palestinians, they don't like these things."

    At 4:30 pm on March 30, 2002, Israeli military forces took over Palestinian TV stations when they occupied Ramallah in the West Bank, immediately shutting them down. What followed was a little more unusual. Shortly after occupying the Al-Watan TV station, the Israeli forces began broadcasting pornography over its transmitter. Eventually, according to a report from The Advertiser, an Australian newspaper, the Israelis expanded their cultural offensive against the Palestinian people by broadcasting pornography over two other Palestinian stations, the Ammwaj and Al-Sharaq channels. One 52-year-old Palestinian mother of three children, according to the report in the The Advertiser, complained about "the deliberate psychological damage caused by these broadcasts." The only Palestinian station not taken over by the Israelis ran a written message at the bottom of its screen claiming that "Anything currently shown on Al-Watan and other local TV channels has nothing to do with Palestinian programs but is being broadcast by the Israeli occupation forces. We urge parents to take precautions." "Why in the world," one woman wondered, "should one do such a thing?"
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    The jews have been doing this for years they are heavy backers in the porn industry and it's not suprising that many countries have wanted then out over the last 300 years.
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    shh. you will get banned for this statement! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  4. oof, well everything you said was correct op, but I have a feeling this thread is going to get some people banned, why don't we just


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