More excited than a kid going to disney land right before PMO?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Aug 10, 2019.

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    I don't have a smart phone and have quite an extreme blocking system in place on my laptop. It blocks so much stuff it's quite unbelievable. I have made these blocks basically impossible to bypass without the 30 digit mainly symbol password I keep in another location a mile away from where I live. As far as I can tell this password is the only way to get round the blocks. I can't factory reset my computer without the password, I can't use things like command prompt without the password. I can't access control panel without the password. I have no access to the administrative settings without the password. Basically you'd need to understand everything I have done with these blockers, I have explored every avenue on how to bypass them and have blocked every avenue on how to bypass the blocks as well. It has been a year and a half of learning that has lead me to get the blocks to this level. When ever I need important things done on my laptop I just take it to the location where the password is.

    But understand because of these blockers most of the time I'm not on porn or artificial sexual stimulation. But sometimes after not being on porn for a few weeks I will get this EXTREME exciting feeling at the thought of going and getting that password and unblocking everything. I'm honestly more excited than a kid who is on their way to disney land. But the thing is it's not like an out of control urge, it's just a very excited feeling and thought where I think that it would be heaven to unblock everything and go on that. Then when I do unblock everything and go on it, for one thing I can't get everything unblocked quick enough to get on it, and then when I do unblock everything I usually spend hours binging, edging, and I hate to admit this but the pleasure and enjoyment I get from it can honestly feel like unbelievable pleasure, it's can feel like heaven. See the thing is if I was PMOing daily I wouldn't get much of an excited feeling to go on it, and the pleasure from it is overall less as well. But when everything is completely blocked for a few weeks and I haven't seen anything like that in a few weeks the thought of unblocking everything and going on it can give me quite an extreme level of excitement.

    I basically can't get out this cycle where after a few weeks I will go get this password and spend at least a few hours PMO binging. How can I get out this cycle? It feels like in that moment when I am thinking about going and getting that password that there is nothing else I would rather do.
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  2. PMOers would make the greatest hackers because they will find any way to get around a system if it meant porn hahaha

    all jokes aside though, realize that you could have fort knox level security on your laptop and still find a way to crack it. personally (opinions may vary), those porn blockers are useless because you can unblock the blocker or find some way around it if you really wanted to. you need a mental porn blocker. which is what this website is all about lmfao, just finding a way to stay away from porn. blocking it is all in your head, not on a computer
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    Try something else. Sounds like the password is no longer strong enough of a deterrent for you. It's similar to how a lot of us as kids got that same excitement from PMO because there was the risk we'd be caught. Once it's easy to access it's no longer as enjoyable - it's like eating the forbidden apple - the allure is so much greater when things aren't as easy.
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    I can definitely relate the excitement part. I feel like I am more interested in the thought of me doing PMO than the actual PMO experience
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    It wont work. You need to change your lifestyle so that you get enough happiness and fulfilment from it that you have no desire to PMO. after a year of a life full of boredom and stress and lonliness, I can tell you that no matter what you do, no matter how many blockers, you will simply be unable to fully quit PMO without lifestyle change. You need plenty of exercise (I mean proper exercise- intense sport, lifting or cardio), a good diet, sleep, something substantial to occupy your days (work) and socialisation. it also helps to have an intimate relationship- but this isn't necessarily essential for it. If you have almost all of your days taken up by these things, you will barely think about PMO and you almost certainly wont need blockers.

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