More Feminism and Gender Politics Feedback Needed

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Stacy31, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. noonoon

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    Porn affects far, far more men than woman. It's one of the major differences between men and women - our sex drive.

    Of course, if you've been indoctrinated in leftist thinking, this fact is very hard to reconcile with your world view.

    Edit: let me defuse a common, silly response before it inevitably comes - of course there are examples of men with low sex drives and women with a high sex drive. This is true just as it is true some woman are very strong, and some men are very week. But genetically, biologically, men are created to be physically stronger than woman. Men are also created to be more aggressive, and have a higher sex drive.
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  2. Jen@8675309

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    Curious that you feel porn affects far more men than women...what about the women in relationships with these addicted men? Are they not also affected by porn? What about the women featured in porn?
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  3. MindfulAchilles

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    A lot of feminists and progressives see the spread of porn as a good sign of true sexual liberation of women. That's precisely why I welcome your view, Stacy, because it seems to contradict theirs.

    But yeah. You get the point. I don't think that feminism and gender politics help anyone in understanding their ideas and where they come from. That is your perception, but not mine. Those ideas come from the effects of porn itself and are not driven by any patriarchal philosophy. Porn is seen as patriarchal by some, yourself included perhaps, and as very feminist by others.

    I'd rather stick with 'why porn has affected my respect for women', and 'how I want to respect them better' after leaving porn.
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  4. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    If you want us to embrace femi-nazism at least send us all free pussy hats. Cus its all about the pussy hats.
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  5. JamesRK

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    I'll admit, I've seen a lot of ideas here that I don't agree with and that I perceive as sexist. I personally align with lots of feminist ideas and I think they might be helpful to others. I would also advocate for anyone one either side of the debate who is just forming an opinion based on what they've heard others say to do some reading about both sides of the issue and come to form their own views.

    That being said, people are here to make a change and turn away from porn, and when it comes to helping people change, it's more helpful to use their existing strengths and motivations. It's a lot simpler than challenging their worldview, getting them to change their ideas, and then helping them change the unwanted behavior.

    That being said, if someone is a feminist and those ideals help them with their PMO problems, use them to help that person out. However, if that's not a view they subscribe to, it's no more helpful than someone using religion to try to help an atheist.

    If you really want to help, encourage people to embrace and return to their existing motivation and strengths. Changing their ideals is something totally separate and complicated.
  6. noonoon

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    I suppose i should say men are far, far more likely to become addicted to porn. You're right though - and good point - women are greatly affected by it.
  7. noonoon

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    Now THIS is open minded.
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  8. RedPillRebooter

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    No.... Just no.
    NoFap needs less feminism not more.

    This will be my only comment here, I'm not arguing with anyone.
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  9. Headspace

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    That's actually a good comparison. We already have this ongoing debate between Christians and atheists here, and some other groups as well, of course. (This debate seems to exist everywhere in the internet.) Christians help Christians with religious motives, atheists might use humanist ones. Everyone helps everyone using the motivation we gain from the pain and suffering we inflicted on ourselves and our loved ones. We are getting along pretty well!

    The same way, feminists can help feminists, but, please, respect other worldviews - especially conservative ones - and acknowledge that sexual diversity has also brought about a lot of gender confusion, especially in combination with porn (HOCD, sissy fetish). @MindfulAchilles said that feminism is not even necessarily against porn. I don't know much about that, but I remember a porn star who considered herself a feminist, too.
  10. ivanhoe

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    yes, I see mine (George) as representing slaying evil not as me.
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  11. ivanhoe

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    that's because in its present state its meant to destroy society, not help women.
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  12. ivanhoe

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    lots of women are anti-feminist as well- and again this refers to feminism in its present state. it does NOT represent the views of women.
    don't conflate anti-feminism with anti-women, in fact many argue that feminism is anti-women and anti-femine
  13. Monster Carrot

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    Same with other radical elements that claim to represent entire groups. Like Black Lives Matter are to black people and radical Islamists are to Muslims, feminists are to women. They actually hate their respective groups and don't mind destroying them in the spreading of chaos.
  14. Vilcox

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    Identity politics and political correctness are just tools that (probably on purpose) are trying to undermine western civilization and neuter western males, and replace aggressive, assertive emotions with submissive and passive emotions. Hardly surprising, highly educated young females are both the primary acolytes of these ideas, and the primary beneficiaries.

    I do not really care. A future civilization can work probably better without males. Remove males from society, and you have removed 98% of the violence.

    But I do understand why the Alt-right grows in popularity. Objectively, white young males would be winners if the Alt-right won power.

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  15. This. 100% redpilled dude

    I don't agree with that though. Sure, males are a lot more criminal than women (and WE can accept this fact without whining "sexism!") but a world without men wouldn't be better. Think about all the things invented by men, the scientific research, medicine, cinema, technology...
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  16. Everybody would be winners. Even females and non-whites because we are trying to make the world better for EVERYONE
  17. Vilcox

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    If men would be phased out in 2050-2100 simply by sterilising all men, and eventually phasing over procreation to be woman-woman exclusively (they have managed to create working fetuses from only female animals and soon the first children with two biological mothers would be born), it would not suddenly retrograde our civilization to the hunter-gatherer age.

    Besides, our species is currently destroying the planetary biosphere. It's not only climate. It's soils, oceans, freshwater reservoirs, etc etc etc...

    I don't think we as a species could go back to the stone age, because most humans would die and collapse the ecosystems as they are struggling for survival, but future humans would need to live in balance with what the environment needs to continue to be able to sustain human civilization. It's economics 101. You cannot live off on credit for all eternity.
  18. I don't see the connection with feminism. The first ecologists were men.

    I didn't say that a world without men wouldn't be possible. But two people of the same gender reproducing is degeneracy.
  19. Vilcox

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    That's your subjective moralistic opinion.

    Snails are all bisexual hermaprodites. Antlerfish reproduce by the male being melted into the female. Female spiders and mantises devour their partners after copulation. Bedbugs have spears for penises and their females lack vaginal orifices.

    Human courtship behaviour have also varied a lot between different civilisations. The ancient Pre-hellenic tribal Pelasgians were a matriarchal culture where the female priestesses lied to the men and said that babies were created by only the female (kings were also elected just to be sacrificed and ritualistically eaten during solstices). Then there are extremely patriarchal societies.

    Neither did I imply that women would be more ecological-minded, but there would be certain ecological benefits if pregnancies would only be possible between three parties, two humans and a state-like entity. Then basically the number of humans on the planet could be regulated, which actually might improve society's ability to see that every human being is treated with dignity.
  20. You got a point.

    Every species is different from one another. We're not snails. The process of reproduction of humans naturally needs a male and a female.

    Both patriarchal and matriarchal societies are bullshit. That's why most of them disappeared and the rest is drowning into misery (like the Middle East). Equal societies like in Europe or North America work almost perfectly.

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