More Feminism and Gender Politics Feedback Needed

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Stacy31, Jun 17, 2017.

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    Burned. :D:)

    Where's the respect for the people wo don't have a gender identity disorder? Where's the respect for the trump supporters at UC Berkley? How about the respect for the Congressional Baseball Game? Should I continue? Why respect them when they don't respect others?
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  3. More feminism and gender politics?? What for? To confuse people more about their sexuality? (Which is quite confused for some due to porn). Feminism has destroyed women, motherhood and human relationships.
    I've seen that in NoFap forums, people are red-pilled or try to be. Feminist shit doesn't belong here.

    Last time I checked: there are only 2 genders!
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    I don't even want to talk about content of ideas here because I'm sure that will get nowhere. And I don't mean to call anyone out specifically because this sentiment comes about a lot. I'll just say that attitudes like this are what polarize people and prevent progress. Not all people who disagree with you are not worthy of your respect; they don't intentional disregard your needs as a person or intentionally pose a threat to you. They simply have a different worldview than you do and are trying to do what they see as best for the world as they perceive it. No view is perfect. They see flaws in your ideas, and you see flaws in theirs.

    Extremists on either side of issues can do terrible things. The events you're talking about are both tragic to the average person. However, the people involved aren't trying to destroy the world. They just feel the same about the people with different views as you do about them. They feel like those with differing views don't care about them and that those views are actively making the world worse for them. They got to the point where they started by disrespecting them and then dehumanizing them and then simply seeing them as the enemy. If you do the same you are propagating a cycle that fuels blind hatred and prevents progress.

    Sit down and have a conversation with a person you don't agree with. Have them talk about why they subscribe to the school of thought they associate with. Don't respond with rebuttals or be thinking of ways to prove them wrong. Just listen to understand what they value, how they think, and perhaps find they are simply trying to look out for themselves and those close to them, just like you are.

    Like I said at the beginning of this post, look for the strengths in different people. We all have different values due to our experiences, and instead of trying to invalidate or disregard those values, see how you can use them to make progress. If someone on this forum is a feminist and finds a way to help them with their addiction through that, listen to them, and even if it's not for you, be happy they've found something that helps them make a change.
  5. Yikes - where's your tolerance, inclusivity, respect for religion and spirituality?! I wonder how you would react if someone said feminism and identity politics sure as hell would not help me! Come on, tolerance and diversity is a two-way street, and everyone, regardless of their point on your identity politics spectrum, deserves respect. So show it. Thanks.
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  6. And, I would also like to add to this thread in a non-controversial way by saying I too love Italy. It's ace!
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    This woman is not suggesting to encourage a philosophy that demonises masculinity, she is trying to encourage a philosophy which will help with your relationships in life.

    Sexism? On a site full of hardcore porn addicts? Of course not! What nonsense! :rolleyes: Trololol.
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    That's right! We need less feminism and more sexism! And who else could we count on to provide this but RedPillRebooter! :rolleyes:
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    THIS. :D
  10. >implying that you are either sexist or feminist
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    I should better unwatch this thread. Has anyone noticed that the OP isn't replying anymore anyway?
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    Its strange to assume that the alternative to being a feminist is being a sexist. It is not the case.
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    I think that everybody here can all agree upon one thing.

    Unfortunately, I don't know what.
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  14. Porn is bad
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    Well yeah, I was joking.... and also specifically referring to gender, identity, equality, civilisation, quality of life, progress etc. in the context of this thread.

    Beyond that, and somewhat pedentically, I'd also personally dispute the idea that 'porn is bad' given that 'bad' can be subjective...

    I'd probably want to clarify it as 'Internet pornography can be highly addictive'.
  16. I guess we all agree on "porn is bad" but on a different degree.
    I personally think that it's a modern form of enslavement and degeneracy that should be forbidden.
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    I can't comfortably say that I feel all porn falls in the same category as, you know, actual slavery that people used to be routinely subjected to in recent history, in the country that I am in.

    From one perspective porn-stars are doing stuff that's perfectly natural and enjoyable, of their own free will and I especially and quite passionately believe that any realistic attempting at making pornography 'forbidden' naturally curtails freedom of expression.

    I certainly wouldn't object to warnings though.

    I guess in terms of its actual social impact in terms of degeneracy it's kind of debatable. If we just get all of the criminals safely addicted to porn maybe that would cure all social ills?!!

    And if we have a generation of stay-at-home porn addicts wanking non-stop then there'd be far less over-population, over-crowding... and single parents!

    Just being contentious of course but still, that's one more thing that we can't all really agree upon. :)

    I guess in terms of feminism, if you take that to mean 'treating women with dignity and respect' I'd be in on that... particular within the overall notion that I hope that I treat people in general with dignity and respect, and all living things!

    So when a female is posting about about the lack thereof it concerns me... but to be honest, trying to improve 'feminism' amongst those who have self-confessed porn addictions is kind of like... I don't know... looking to improve hospital conditions while working in a war-zone... but maybe that's the point?!!

    Porn is the brutal industrialised sexual frontline of the war of the sexes with er... plenty of strange sectarian violence going on within that area of sanctioned 'violence'.

    Nice weather lately though.
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  18. Natural?! Gangbang, bukkake, fetish....

    That's not feminism, that's civility.

    Where do you live ? It's raining over France.
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    I'm in the UK.

    So you believe that gangbang, bukkake and 'fetish' sex is all unnatural and should be forbidden?

    I'd be interested to see a comparative study of male sexuality.

    If you take feminism as 'not being civil' in some form I guess I must confess I am opposed to it.
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    Lets take a chill pill

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