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What is the meaning of life.

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  1. Hey guys,
    if I'm not mistaken, people write here when they're feeling down as well. So, here I am. For the past two weeks I've been feeling terrible urges. They come from work problems, money problems, so the usual life stuff. Me and my wife have also family problems we have to share. All of this combined almost makes an adult man want to cry, and the urges, as some of you have experienced, grow up dangerously at such times.
    Anyway I believe I can fight off the urges alone, but why risking at this stage?
    So, I thought that for the first time I'll ask for some feedback. Cheer me up with something, give me some advice (like: take a cold shower, which I do and recommend as well). I'm not good at talking to people, but I'm great at listening :)
    To sum up, please, help me overcome these hard times. I'll look at this thread after some time and say: thank you (spoilers!)
    Ow, and I added an utterly strange, though-up-at-the-moment philosophical survey. Just because.

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