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  1. Balkanray

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    I find it funny sometimes. But at times men feel envious and its not always a good thing.

    Generally speaking women feel attracted like holy shit.. And men are usually scared of me. Usually just staring and respecting me more.

    Last night some somalian guy decided to cross me on the line in the grocery store ( well i almost got the spot) and i had this super sayiyan energy going on all day. I decided to power boost a little bit and literally everyone in the line noticed it its fkin weird i cant explain it. I noticed the somalian guy getting nervous.

    Can anyone else relate with me on this energy thing? I rarely feel other people energies but few times i've felt it so strong i started to get nervous too.

    Is this because of testosterone or what?
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  2. Bruh! Anger issues in a grocery line. You need some serious self-reflection in my opinion.
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  3. Balkanray

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    It wasnt an anger issue. But feeling powerful and intimidating ( even testing it) doesnt mean you're angry. Not a big deal though but i dont like somalis in the first place lol :D
  4. Disliking a bad person you know is one thing. Disliking a random person because of their race, country, height etc is another. So there is something wrong in there. Think about it, maybe.
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  5. Balkanray

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    Meh i really dont care lol
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  6. StarRider

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    You get more masculine. That means in a world full of masturbating submissive dudes, you stick out.
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  7. Captain!

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    This is true. That energy needs to be tamed, its raw and powerful like a wild horse you are the rider you need to guide it. Congrats for having t boost its a sign of recovery, although hating a person you don't even know, that you might consider to think.
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  8. auzzy_mikey

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    My friend. This is absolutely testosterone. I all the time just go about my own things, but notice these guys want to challenge me and shit. They think I'm putting some kind of show. Its because you are retaining your seed and becoming a lion, the strongest fucking version of yourself my boy. Stay on this path and never give into this bullshit. Stay strong muthafucka.
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