More than a year and still no progress

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by kevinkevin19, Mar 9, 2017.

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    I joined NoFap in October 2015 and my longest streak is STILL 8 days only! I relapse every 1-2 days. I feel like I wasted all that time with PMO and that I could have achieved so many things but didn't. I'm starting to hate myself even though I know I shouldn't. Please any advice would be helpful. :(
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  2. If you keep relapsing every 1-2 days it means you're stuck in the chaser effect. Don't underestimate it. I find the best thing is to hide my computer away somewhere really awkward, so it will take a bit of effort to get it again. I leave it there for maybe four days.
  3. kevinkevin19

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    That is very helpful advice, I should really lessen my time using my phone/computer and the internet. Thanks!
  4. Gucci Gang

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    Same exactly for me

    2 years nofap

    Longest I've gone is still 8 days

    And I relapse every 1-2 days
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    Sorry you guys are having trouble... it is not easy. I tried to reboot once before and was not successful, but this last time I've managed to make it 6 months. The only way is to discover what "triggers" you to PMO and completely avoid those triggers. When you slip up and look at porn, write down what you were doing, what time it was, how you were feeling, etc. I found out mine was social media, facebook in particular. I completely deactivated my account and removed the app from my phone. I also created a reminder on my phone using ColorNote, with my goals and triggers. This goes off everyday at the same time to help keep me on track. I've included that below to give you an idea. Who knows, you might have some of the same triggers. Hopefully this helps!

    Ultimate goal:
    6 Months no porn, no masturbation, no fantasizing about women other than my wife.

    Short term:
    - One week *DONE*
    - Two weeks *DONE*
    - One month *DONE*
    - Two months *DONE*
    - Three months *DONE*
    - Six months *DONE*
    - One year

    Triggers to avoid:
    - Facebook (temp disable)
    - Yahoo news
    - Click bait
    - Too much time on internet
    - Checking out other women
    - Using PC late at night while bored
    - Checking phone first wake up

    Things to do:
    - Pokemon
    - Show affection w/o sex
    - Practice guitar regularly
    - Exercise regularly
    - Work on music
    - Use clean time counter
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  6. Awakening123

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    What do you do when urges strike?

    Do you have a plan when urges and cravings hit you with full force?

    Do you workout, meditate, jog/run, socialize in general everyday?

    Do you write a journal everyday?

    Do you think you have someone in your real life with whom you can share about this problem?

    Do you use a porn blocker even if it's temporarily?

    Do you stay busy everyday?

    WHat do you do during weekends?

    Do you have too much free time at hand?

    How long do you use internet everyday and what do you use it for?

    Asking these question can help you evaluate your addiction and the progress you make.
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  7. Awakening123

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    Dude, take this as a heads up. Don't accept this! It took me 7 years to get to where I am today (90+ days) and now I am thinking I wish I had taken necessary steps right from the beginning of my reboot to get to where I am today. Don't waste your time thinking if I am going to carry on the way I have been in these 2 years and be able to reach 90+ days or whatever your goal is.

    Take drastic steps; you don't want to waste years after years only to realize that all these years were wasted, wishing if you could have done something differently. You could be on Nofap for 20 years and still struggle to reach one month mark if you don't do things correctly. Learn from your relapses; take steps every single day to keep your addiction at bay. Do whatever it takes; no matter how difficult it seems to be. In the end, it will be all worth. Think about it!

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