Morning and evening routines.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Temujin, Oct 11, 2015.

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    Recently I've been focusing on developing a strong morning and evening routine. I have always read that they are important. Win the morning, win the day ect. But only recently have I begun focusing on them. I feel what I've come up with so far is really useful.


    1: Dream Diary
    2: Make bed
    3: Meditate
    4: Body weight exercise
    5: Journal (Three things I'm grateful for. Three things that would make today great. Two things I'm worried about and what I could do to alleviate these worries. Two affirmations for the day)


    1: Journal (three things I’m happy about today, three things that could have made today better)
    2: Meditate
    3: Sleep

    I have found that all of this takes about an hour of my time but it means I am truly set up for the day. I have done some exercise, meditated, practised gratitude and have a list of things I can do to move myself forward in my life.

    In the evening I can relax myself before bed and practice more gratitude.

    Was wondering what other morning and evening routines other people have and if there are any great ideas out there of what I can add to mine.
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    I don't really have anything to add to your routine but (and i know i sounds stupid) but what about making sure you eat a healthy breakfast and drink enough water because as you say your routine helps you get set up for the day so making sure you fuel yourself will as well.
    I think i'm going to start doing this especially the journal thing i've never thought about doing that. Thanks for sharing and i think what you are doing is great, keep it up.
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  3. IGY

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    You are to be commended @Temujin. :) Could I ask about the dream diary as I have never heard of this. How does this help you at the start of your day - just interested.
  4. Temujin

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    I am interested in lucid dreaming. Keeping a dream journal helps to improve your dream recall so you remember more of your dreams. I love dreams so want to remember as many as possible. It's best to do it first thing so your memory is freshest.

    Happy to have helped stevegregory. Hope it works for you. Yes being properly fuelled is very important.
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    Damn dude, your routine is somewhat similar to mine

    - Dream Journal
    - 3 things I'm grateful for
    - Exercise

    - NoFap Journal
    - Push-ups
    - Sleep

    I haven't added meditation into my routine, but I'll eventually get to it. Slowly but surely.
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    Every morning I make a salad, with mustard, ranch dressing, and two fried eggs on top. A tonic drink with pea protein (24 grams), creatine, bacopa monnieri, ashwangandha, and L-glutamine. Then 4 cups of Schisandra berry tea, then a cup of coffee.
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