morning and night triggers

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  1. clearmindd

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    what is morning and night triggers? !
    1- its the most intense triggers u will face through ur reboot and its intense as fuck as u can feell that u want to fuck ur pillow lol
    2- most of us got used to watch porn and mastrbuate before sleep or when getting up in the morning (im right)
    3- so in rebooting ur brain will get these memories in ur mind in the morning and in night ( as u got used to it before)
    4- my advice: in morning? that u remove any electronic device from ur room and put it somewhere away and get it after u go to ur bathroom and wash ur face and ur teeth these will make triggers go away by someaway
    in nights: do the same remove any electronic device beside u and make ur day busy and put effort on it go to ur bed when u want to sleep only
    do like 50 push ups will help u get fatigued and sleep faster
    5- change ur routine by making ur morning and ur nights more busy
    if someone have more ideas about that fell free to share it
  2. r8js

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    Night triggers problem for me...

    What is different ways to deal with night triggers????.
  3. clearmindd

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    -try to wakeup early so u sleep early and u will get no time for sexual thoughts before bed
    -workout through the day
    -sleep infront of tv or smth that makes u fall asleep faster like watching smth u love before sleep
    -u can sleep with anyone of ur family members like ur brother or ur father (if ur not alone)
    -write journals before sleep or read a book in night reading will make u will fall asleep faster too

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