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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by OpproMastermind02, Nov 3, 2019.

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    Well obviously it’s a problem faced by all men. Not actually problem, but it’s something which naturally happens. However, for porn addicts who are trying to recover from their addiction like most of us here, it’s quite a problem, especially for me. I have made a journal about my rebooting process and I usually get around 2-3 weeks for the past few streaks. Well, morning wood has been the cause for my past few relapses. I am trying all that I can but it seems to overpower me at times.

    To be clear, the morning wood comes when, you know when we wake up in the morning. That’s when our thoughts and emotions are reset. Having an erection at that kind of moment stimulates my sex drive. So yeah please help me. I need a way to overcome this problem. I believe this is the last step before I can achieve my 90-day goal
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    Get out of bed and do some exercise
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    Open your eyes wide, look around your room and feel bad about yourself. It should shut down any undesired thoughts.
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    look around your room... and feel bad about yourself??? what kind of warped, self-deprecating nonsense is this.

    OP. my best advice is to do something. anything. and keep it simple. get out of bed and get to doing something. we all have chores and plenty of little things that just need to get done. so first things first, get out of bed and make your bed. and then keep yourself busy with simple tasks until you feel in control.
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    For real it is a problem for us porn addicts that are recovering. The urges are the strongest when we have morning wood. What I do is to keep my self busy enough to distract myself from it. After a while the erection goes away

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