Most intense physical pain you've ever experienced (non-sexual please)?

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  1. Tooth pain is on the top of my list. One night I was eating tortilla chips and I must have bit down on the chip at a sharp point and I felt my molar snap. I shot up dancing around in my room, suppressing my screaming somehow. I had no dental insurance at the time, so I rode that out for as long as I could.

    Second on my list is when I had appendicitis in 2003.
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  2. dislocated collar bone (while in kindergarten) tripped over a curb and fell straight like a pin onto rocks in the playground and then had to get up myself and I wasn't crying till I went to go speak to a supervisor then I started wailing. The pain made me nauseated and dizzy and while recovering I had to have a lot of assistance
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    Cut open my index finger, needed stitches. The doctor injected my finger 8 times with painkillers but they didn't numb the cut area. So I had the inner part of my finger stitched with no anaesthesia.
  4. I can only imagine what that was like. I broke my thumb in kindergarten catching an airborne kickball. Had to get a cast
  5. Oh, shit!!!!
  6. Another one for me that I just remembered: The house that I have lived in since 1999 is an old house and had old heavy windows. Before we moved in, I was asked to shut the windows upstairs, unknowing that one of the locking hinges was going bad, and it fell down crushing my thumb and bled so badly afterward. I still have the indentation on my thumb
  7. you're a tough cookie.

    I broke half my front tooth rollerblading up a paved hill after I fell right on my face while screaming - but i didn't feel a thing I thought nothing had happened until I checked in the mirror and then(right) after having it fixed I did this stupid somersault wrong and hit my face flat against the side of the pool underwater and rebroke it lol
  8. Well, it wasnt quite the worst pain, but itis the most interesting. I shot a nail through two of my fingers using a nail gun. Iy went in deep and they were nailed together.
  9. Probably getting an ultrasound. You have to drink a shit ton of water before you go, and u know that doesnt sound bad, but it was the most intense pain to have your bladder that full and not be allowed to pee. And then they start pressing on your stomach, which makes it a million times worse.

    Close second would probably be period cramps... then probably dislocating my shoulder as a kid.
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    When I was 10 years old my right ankle got in between a moving wheel of a motorcycle....
    Then doctor dressed my ankle and gave me tetanus injection....
    Next day the white cloth and cotton sticked to my skin.....
    So when they removed that cloth and cotton it hurted a lot
    It was a hell like experience.....and that wound is still one of my biggest injuries....
    And dressing of my ankle continued for next two months
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    It may count as sexual but for me was the local anesthesia shot at the back of the penis head for my frenuloplasty surgery.

    It was impossible not to scream.
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  12. Busting my chin open probably. Or my hernia operation as a kiddo
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  13. I got my finger caught in a a car window too. All different types of pain imo
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    Typical trigeminal neuralgia (mandibular). It was even worse than my kidney stones (which some women describe as similar to childbirth). It affected every lower left tooth, the left side of the mandible and extended into the left side of my face! I experienced excruciating spasms of seeming electric shocks in all the areas just mentioned. I could not breathe in without my hand over my mouth to reduce the flow of air because it would set off another spasm. I could not eat. I rubbed small pieces of tuna & mayo against the roof of my mouth and gently swallowed. The only way I could describe it at the time (I was in my late 20s) was that it felt like someone was drilling into the nerve of each affected tooth simultaneously (without anaesthetic) and my lower left jaw and side of my face. I would just rock and weep in agony. :'(
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    "Where does he get those wonderful toys", haha! :D
  16. throwing up over 40 times just hours after throat surgery to get my tonsils removed. I had a bad reaction to the antibiotics and got really sick. lemme tell you, throwing up right after throat surgery doesn't feel great, but 40+ times, O U C H

    to make things even worse, about half way through that bullshit, the cauterization from the surgery was ripped open from the vomiting, so now I'm bleeding out of my mouth between heaves. it was a bad night
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    Jesus! What a crappy employer!
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    Kidney stone... hands down the worst pain I've ever felt. Worse then having a rusty nail dig right through your foot. It was so bad that I vomited multiple times because of the pain alone... and its not like it's the type of pain that comes in waves... it was just there, at a level 9 or 10 for hours at a time. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy
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    Agreed. It was a 9/10 for me - really nasty. 999 Ambulance to hospital. For my 10/10 worst pain ever, see post #15. :eek:
  20. Whag kind of bosz is that, were you in a Charles Dickens novel lol?
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