Motivation after long streaks?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by pranav02, Aug 18, 2018.

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    So to those who know me, I keep going string on long streaks before I relapse and it's almost always me losing reason and motivation over those days and forgeting the importance and intensity of the benfits NoFap reaps.

    Could those on long streaks give me insight as to what keeps them going after those many days (50+ ish) and how to not forget NoFap's value in my life? Please do share you stories and help me if you can :)
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    Like you i’d really like to know some answers and insight to this. My longest streak ever was 7 months no PMO. I wish I’d had kept it going since then, but stress at my job caused me to relapse. I’d love to know how people changed their tactics around to keep he streak going.

    I have tried to start looking at number of days in a year of no PMO as opposed to the number of days in a current streak. For example, I am on 30 days on this streak, when actually I’ve been 76 days total since May.

    It’s also worth noting all of what you’ve achieved since abstaining, which probably wouldn’t have happened had you been in a long PMO cycle. Could be anything, as long as it reminds you how nofap helped you out.
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