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    200 DAYS OF HARDMODE!!!!
    2 Hours left to complete Day 201
    No edging, no cravings, very few urges, no relapsing... Nothing of this kinda bullshit.
    Do you wanna Know how i get there?
    What is the secret of success?
    I will give you my essensial tips and ULTIMATE Nofap key to succeed also.
    Because Im nothing special and Im not better than of you. I just realized few things in my life.
    And believe me, I was a very very ADDICTED to PMO! I discovered sexual online games ať very Young age and became addicted on PMO at age of 12 until 20 ( from 2010 to 2018) and trust me, it started by watching normal pornography but it turned into more deviant, specific, wicked, weird pornography.
    I had a lot of favourite P stars, many bookmarked videos, many downloaded videos, i watched it in phone, had Porn gifs in my phone, did some crazy weird shit while masturbating and watching P, which i cant ever write here.
    My life was a TOTAL MESS.
    I had many, many toxic negative side effects
    of PMO Addiction.
    I was scared when there was some new challenge at HIGH school, i was scared trying new things.
    I had social Anxiety around nice Girls, i was shy, no confident, i was afraid to say no, i was scared to Defend my Opinion.
    I had this feeling of Stomach tightness and my heart was beating and pounding in every unconfortable situations. And my success with Girls was a totall failure, and i was like WTF is wrong with me??? Why Im so beta, weird? I was a good looking guy my whole life never been fat and stuff like this.
    I was tall, easily tanned, blue eyes.
    And i saw way more ugly guys had nice Girls around them. Yes, i had acne, but nothing Extremely serious and ugly but combine this acne with social Anxiety and other negative side effects from PMO Addiction and i was Extremely ashamed and shy because of this acne. Yes, summer, SEA and SUN help me every year with acne, but than again in Winter it was mess. Now i still have acne, but a lot Less than before in my cooming years.
    And i dont even CARE anymore, i dont think it can Lower someone chances to find a partner, if he or she is a good person, following his Dreams and heart,eating healthy and Working out and doing cardio.
    Cause almost everybody has acne in their teens and early twenties...
    But all this Mess and problems...
    I didnt had any CLUE it could be because of my addiction to PMO....
    I didnt had any goal any Dream any AIM in my life... I was just aimlessly wandering through Darkness, walking this deviant PMO lifestyle, i didnt had any happiness, any love, any self esteem, any light in my life and in my heart. Sometimes even Suicidal Thoughts.
    Not to mention, how scared i was to Kiss a girl, how to make a move how to flirt with them and fuck i was even scared of sex.
    Now to the point how Porn, fapping and orgasm ADDICTION fucked up my body.
    My First sexual experience was insane failure, Combination of Stress, being scary, low confidence and PIED and result was i could get my pennis Hard. Even when the girl helped me with her "Hand"
    I was Hard for maybe like 60-70% but here we go again....BOOM.... Masturbation Death Grip... Because of addiction to fapping your penis became used to your hand and became NUMB when you have normal sex.
    So i didnt FEEL anything when i was inside her. And i couldnt reach orgasm.
    But shit i was happy to Loose my virginity back in 2017 even though it wa partial sex. Intercourse.
    But i didnt Know that Im suffering from PIED,Masturbation death grip, social Anxiety, low confidence and more side effects of PMO.
    I ONLY thought that this NO erection was because of Stress because it was my First time.
    1 and a half year passed and accidently i discovered NOFAP, read some succesfull stories and red science on how PORN
    Can and will fucked up your brain.
    It all starting to make a sense now, why my life was so LOW and i had so LOW confidence.
    Discovering NOFAP was LIFE SAVING and LIFE CHANGING experience.. And Im so grateful and thankfull, i think i had some light in my heart and i Knew something was wrong i feel ashamed after cooming but i just continued doing it so Enlightenment forces of this World guided me to NOFAP
    And almost 2 years of REWIRING my brain, hardmode and following my Dreams
    TURNED me into ALPHA CONFIDENT BEAST. And here is my ULTIMATE NOFAP GUIDE on how to success in long term.
    1) from your PC: delete all P videos, delete all bookmarked videos, delete browsing history, delete all P videos, gifs,nudes, pictures from your phone, install anti Porn, sexual, adult filter which will Block all this content in your TV, Computer or Phone.

    2) DELETE social media: Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, tic toc, Twitter, YouTube and other, Only use (messenger, whatsapp) for writting your friends and family. Or very very limit time you Spend on them (YouTube)

    Create new fun hobbies-- qutting PMO WILL give you so much more free time.
    So I Suggest you should start lifting weights, doing sports like basketball, soccer, american football and others.
    Running, other cardio, biking, drawing, Reading, Photography, spending time in nature, playing instrument, walking,

    4) Reduce time you Spend at home, in your bed, doing nothing......
    This is simple... Most of Our relapses came from doing nothing, being bored at home, so limit time you Spend here.
    Speaking from my own experiences

    5) COLD SHOWERS - WHAT else i have write? Cold showers and NOFAP are like heaven and sky.
    Its very important while you are on Nofap Journey. If will give you EXTREME amount of energy, more Testosterone, ULTIMATE Mental toughness and Warrior mindset and spirit. Also alpha Confidence and it will help you fight urges and it will save you money from paying for Hot water.

    6) Lifting weights / fitness lifestyle
    - i Know everybody is not into Gym and stuff.
    But lifting Weight.... Seing your body transforming into GREEK GOD will give you ULTIME confidence and self-esteem, Also Girls will like you more, cause lifting Weights will make you look more nice, more masculinne and those big legs, broad lats and Shoulders, arms and chest will transform you into GOD, but it takes time, strong will and lots of knowledges, without steroids.
    Focus on compound lifts
    Bench Press, deadlifts, squats, military press, dips, pull ups, dumbbell presses
    4-8 reps sometimes trying your max for 1 rep

    7) Eating clean DIET
    Food full of Nutritions, minerals and vitamins
    Healthy Meat, eggs, healthy dairy, cheese,
    Protein powder, Nuts, fishes
    Rice,potatoes, oats, fruit vegetables.
    drinking a lot of WATER.
    No junk food, no Fast food (KFC, McDonald)
    No chocolade, no cookies and stuff like this or very very RARELY.

    8) GET enought SLEEP!
    GO to sleep at the same time, 90minutes before not use phone, TV or other blue Light
    Sleep atleast 7-9 Hours.
    This is for me EXTREMELY important
    More I sleep more i happy Im and more I sleep more i have ENERGY.
    sleeping deprivation Leads to binge eating, eating junk food, low energy, Depression and more anger.

    9) quit pointless internet browsing and watching random videos and reading News!!!!
    Its waste of TIME and ENERGY.
    Reading and watching news CREATES negative ENERGY AND only CREATES Unhappiness and anger. Stop care about Politics.... You Know what NEGATIVE happened around world, bullshit about COVID-19, Who Killed who, who say this and that.... Bla bla blah, what did Trump or Putin..
    STOP Reading it!! Stop blaming the government for your failure

    - i can recommend you MUSIC from
    Zack Hemsey
    Two Steps from hell
    Hans Zimmer

    11) start Reading self improvement books
    It will give you extended knowledges and wisdom

    12) you have to realize that PMO addiction is same addiction as Well known addiction to drugs like heroine, meth, weed, alcohol,
    Cigarettes, gambling videogames and it will COMPLETELY ruin your life, what you are experiencing now is nothing compared to what will happened 10 year later if you

    dont stop this addiction.

    13) you have to realize that PMO, Relapsing, edging is not worth it. THE pleasure from fapping to Porn will last 10 second? or 1mintue or even 5 minutes....
    But the pain, Shame, low energy will be very very long....

    14) Getting into WARRIOR Mindset!!!!
    This is also crucial
    STOP blaming others for your failures, stop making excuses why you relapsed, stop being little bitch, stop being Coward and SLAVE of PMO. STOP this Victime mentality
    Blaming everybody else but you, its nobody else fault that you relapsed! Nobody holds a gun to your head and forces you to watch PORNOGRAPHY!!! IT is your decision and ONLY yours. You fucking relapsed because you wanted to and because you still CARE about Porn, fapping, lust more than you care about NOFAP, following your goals
    STOP making excuses.

    15) Make your own research about the DARK SIDE of PORN Industry!
    Im telling you Pornography.... Its all fake and wicked bullshit, Only created to make MEN and Women weak, addicted, non-Focused and enslaved them.
    Its an Industry full of BAD People... Drugs, alcohol, pills, cigarettes, addictions,Sexually transmitted diseases, violence, humiliation, ANTI-LOVE, ANTI-COMPASSION, it forces Women to be not person but a thing! A thing just to satisfy your or those P actors crazy, deviant and evil Needs.
    Or do you think those Women and Girls wanted to be a disgusting Porn Actresses??
    Selling their body, dignity and soul for MONEY??? The answer is NO
    they wanted a LOVE in their life, normal partner and Family.
    And guys Im telling you that ONLY Porn industry is trying to make it look like The women are enjoying this, but many Many of them are suffering, and are Dead inside..
    Lot of them commited suicide, lot of them are alcohol, drugs, pills ADDICTED and many of them were Abused when they were Young so they end up in the PMO INDUSTRY, living pmo lifestyle.
    They fucking dont want to be seen just as things for satisfaction! Doing crazy, weird sexual stuff, which are fucking painfull.
    And there is problem a lot of guys addicted to PMO who somehow have a Girlfriend or wife want this weird,crazy sexual fetishes
    From their partners and also using violence against their partners because they saw it in PORN!

    16) Realizing that fapping to Porn, watching other people having sex behind your computer is fucking PATHETIC and you are a LOSER.
    But with a littlebit of TRYING you can find a normal partner, girlfriend or women for one night... Just for sex.

    17) you have to Realize what do you care about the Most, what is important for you, who DO YOU want to be, what are your goals, Dreams, how do want your Life to looklike
    - and live like this! Following your Dreams and goals. This will employ your MIND and prevents you from Relapsing, edging, being lazy,doing nothing.

    18) REALIZING that PMO is SLAVERY, It is your weakest version, it is unhappiness, Depression, life and Dreams Unfulfilled
    Poverty of the Soul and NOFAP is your Highest Path, it is your strongest version, it is love, happiness, confidence.

    19) BEING a Hero...... Walking the HERO'S JOURNEY...
    - you have to discovered this by yourself...

    Guys.... Please read it! And write your opinions. It took me a lot of time, and BELIEVE ME writting this, telling you guys my story, bring back a lot of MEMORIES about my oldself, and created a lot of old PORN memories which i Want to forgott, but i want to help you, but this created a lot of PMO Flashbacks and It reminded me a lot of PMO videos and stuff like this, but IM fucking warrior and i just laught how PMO is pathetic, mediocre activity and it has no power against me anymore, i didnt feel any urges, any lust, any need to watch PORNOGRAPHY, i overcomed this ADDICTION this BETA chapter of my life.
    Be Strong, be Warriors.
    Long live NOFAP
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    Yes, my brother, please share this or send it to other people, so many People read my advice
  4. Hey, I feel like it applies to what I've been practising before my reset and what I'm practising now. The main difference between us is that I have been married during my reboot, but it just proves that NoFap methods work in different contexts.
    I only use FB and Messenger, but I could skip some YT channels. I'll unsubscribe from some right away.
    So, in my case every tip that we share works and it's a great achievement on your part.
    Let's be heroes! :)
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    You inspired me man ! One day i will be like you.
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    Thank you so much for your post,it was amazing keep going
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  8. Bro I too was facing the same problems. Thanks to you for guiding
    Do you know, since when I started fapping, currently I am on my longest streak (5 days)
    This is just because of NoFap which i joined just 5 days ago
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    Thanks for your valuable advice.You are a true warrior.
  10. Thanks A lot man. Great advice and wisdom.
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    Have you recovered your PIED?
  12. Varan great

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    Hello things went with you the first days of marriage??
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    thanks for the inspiration man! today, i needed to hear this. i did couple longer streaks this years, but after 4-5 weeks relapsed always. today i feel weak after a night of erotic dreams..but i dont want to relapse again. never again. i will see you on the other side
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    Of course my brother, last year i had couple of sex. Intercourses with women, now focusing on HARDMODE and 100% REWIRING my brain
    and i was really like ROCK and no delayed ejaculation i also no longer suffer from Death Grip which is obvious and this heals quickly i also have strong MORNING WOOD every morning or sometimes i woke up in the middle of night with rock Hard boner and not at the time when i woke up but IM 100% that everything works for 100%
    Im into bodybuilding /fitness lifestyle
    Heathy diet and this also HELPS
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    Congratulations, how was your erection quality now?is it frequent?when will you resume sex?
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    Pretty much said it all! Thanks boss. And congrats on your 200-day milestone!

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