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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deadpool98, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Deadpool98

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    Hey everyone, i want to know what you guys do to get your motivation back. I started nofap a month before and relapsed yesterday. My main goal was to beat my P addiction so i can focus on my studies. I did become a positive and energetic guy in my month of nofap but still getting myself to study was something i was struggling with. I even gave up on all my social media and set a limit of using 2hrs for YouTube but i started watching a lot of movies and procastination became my next obstacle. The only good habit which i cultivated was i started running in the morning. My exams are coming soon and i'm not reading upto the level as i should. My mind keeps wandering into why i'm studying but this is something i choose to and i can't back away now. I almost put a year and half for studying this subject. Whenever i start to study i become sleepy and i just go to sleep or i start to Google something or start watching some YouTube videos. I feel like i'm alone in my struggle and i can't speak to no one about this.
    Any help is appreciated!!
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    Why not? Do you really like what you're learning? Are you doing it to please someone else? If this is taking you in a direction you don't want to go, why would you want to do it? To whom are you lying? Sorry if I come on as strong, but many of us made mistakes of doing what others wanted. Many of us had "sunken costs" and kept going on only to realise that it anyways didn't amount to much.

    Your procrastination and resistance is telling you that this is not what you truly want to do. You can force yourself to do it, but is it really worth it?
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    All these questions are something i asked myself a long time ago. No this is something i choose to study out of my own will. The thing that scares me is not what im studying but the thought of me working in a cubicle all my life and dying without going after other things in my life. As far as the subject itself goes i like it, it's like a burn out after studying it for a year and half. Also the thing is i don't speak to anyone abt my studying problem so it's all bottled inside me. My fire to study is now gone not only on my studies but on anything in life.
  4. properWood

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    I'm quite confused.

    Yes, you chose to study it, it seemed probably to give you interesting prospects for the future otherwise you wouldn't have chose it. And yet, now you are afraid that it will keep you in a cubicle? What are the other things in life that you want to go after?

    To me it seems rather clear that you are not into the subject right now, whatever the subject is, because you regret already that you'll not be able to do other things, you already "know" that is not going to be what you hoped for at the beginning.

    Are you sure this is not the sunken cost fallacy? I quit my first university after 3 years and then started a new one, simply because I realised, one year before graduation, that I hated the subject I was studying.
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    I'm also confused as to why i've become like this. The other things i would like to go after is having a start up, swimming, skateboarding and also learning martial arts. Maybe it's me thinking too much that's made me create a scenario that doesn't exist. I'll try studying for 5 hours a day and have good breaks between them. I'll also try thinking the root cause as to why all of a sudden i started hating the subject. Probably i'll try reliving the stress by meditating.
  6. amaranth

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    Perhaps smaller, easy to manage goals would be a good approach.

    Exam periods used to come with a serious pack of existential questions for me ; eventually I quit, since I already had something else that keeps me going -sorta- career-wise. Even so, I encounter lack of motivation more often than I'd like to admit. Mini-goals meet the least amount of resistance, which can help, no matter the mood (now the will, that's a different story).

    The trick is to somehow start building momentum, imho.

    Remember that exam periods typically come with more stress than usual; sometimes we hesitate to study "properly" (i.e. we procrastinate), other times we start ruminating a lot (same effect). Ofc, none of this really helps.

    Keep your studies in perspective, with relation to where you want to go.

    Since your exams are soon to come as you say, focus on the material, so that you gain more confidence in handling it. (Perfectionism is counterproductive, I think- go after the main points and build on them, or go any way that's smooth for you and makes you feel better and more secure).

    Again, remember that how you live your life and how you allocate your time and presence to experiences of all kinds is up to you.
    Honesty is crucial in this regard for all of us, imo, even if it may seem to slow us down.
    Good luck!
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  7. Deadpool98

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    Thanks for the guidance something i needed to hear today. Today i was a little more concentrated on my work than i usually would because I started to understand why i'm procrastinating rather than implementing ways of solving the procrastination. I am trying out different strategies to overcome this like the ones you said.
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    When I need motivation, I use the panic button. It's very helpful in crisis times. I encourage you to use it when in need. There's a designated section for when you relapsed.
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