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    I have very little if not none.
    I thougt for a while that maybe I might have a family in the future or even a wife or girlfriend, but that had gone and passed. Even just staying pure for God alone seems like not enough. I feel so empty inside. I don't know why I continue to fight. Other people want me to and I feel like a better person when I do, but when the urge hits I have nothing that draw upon that makes me want to continue the fight. I feel tired all the time now. I feel sluggish. I feel disconnected in everything. I feel like I want to not talk ever again so I don't have to worry about people trying to help or me heaping burdens upon them.
    Any advice?
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    A few years ago I was in such a bad stage of my life I was afraid of walking along the railway - the temptation to end it all was too strong. Be asure this too shall pass, brother. Carry on and don´t give it up. And you can reach me with a message any time. I´m more than happy to offer some support.
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