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  1. DESIRE. It will never sleep. It will never tire, lie down and die. We must do the killing. It is we who are in control of desire.

    So what do we do? We redirect it. Move the energy somewhere else.

    GET UP, MOVE, do not stop fighting.

    The addiction lurks forever, waiting for us to give in and binge. Fifteen days, thirty days, two years, doesn’t matter. The black ooze of porn stuck in our brain needs to be put out like a fire. But it doesn’t extinguish, it can be re-ignited, because we remain flammable.

    MARCH ON. Together we put out the flames so they are kept at bay. Every day we remind ourselves “I do not masturbate anymore, I live life to the fullest, as the fullest. I am pure energy, master of my mind, body and emotions.”

    KEEP GOING. The struggle keeps us on our toes, doesn’t it? It’s kind of nice knowing we are always marching towards something, letting it goad us onward.

    Don’t STOP. If you let down for a minute, it swoops in and takes over your senses.

    REMEMBER. Remember the badge brothers here on Nofap. Bring us with you everywhere, in the back of your mind. We are standing there when you’re eating, sleeping, working. We are chanting “GO GO GO” like a pack of wolves on the front lines of our own mind.

    RESILIENCE. PMO will bleed to death if you shove the knife further into its core. It will remain as a faint ghost, standing point, ready to incarnate again. Keep the knife of wisdom in your hand at all times.
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