Movies that Scared You as a Kid

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  1. I was afraid of freaking everything as a kid. When my family would watch LOST every week when it was airing, I would be in the other room doing something else because it was too scary. I vividly remember having to overhear the episode where Jack is going to chop off Boone's leg. I think I might have went in the living room and saw the makeshift guillotine, so I sort of figured out what was happening, and every time he screamed it scared me. *shudders*

    I can't remember many specifics, but I was afraid of a lot of stuff as a kid.
  2. Oh! Watcher in the Woods! That was the first and only "scary" movie I watched as a kid. So scary.
  3. JJTorres

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    For me Congo (the white ugly gorillas)
    And the tv series Unsolved Mysteries
  4. That's a good one too
  5. JJTorres

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    I even had a very disturbing and vivid-lucid nightmare of .a gremlin years ago.
  6. u376

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    That scene "all work and no play" was quite scary....
    But I think the movie was way too stretched.....but yes the atmosphere was creepy
    And excorcist 1 is quite good
  7. Yeah, I hated it. I suppose not having a TV growing up gave an appreciation of the radio and that's probably why I listen to a lot of podcasts now. But it's probably why I would challenge someone who talk badly about TV, I know what it's like to have no TV and it's no fun.
  8. Candy man and pumpkin head
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  9. Critters 1, Aliens -scary as fuck, Jaws
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  10. Jaws is pretty close. It was gory and brutal and also had enough jump scares. The starting scene at the beach, when the first girl dies, always creeped me out.
    But The Day after freaked me out the most.
  11. The Day of the Triffids (1963) Think it was the first horror I watched, was horrified. Its the only one I can think of now.
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    Roald Dahl's 'The Witches' - Watched it again recently and still found it creepy LOL - Great movie but I'm sure it's given a lot of people nightmares, and that's not good.
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  13. Children of the corn had me scared as hell and lost me tons of sleep. I only saw part of the exorcist and it really fucked me up. Ninja 3 the domination was basically a demonic horror movie on top of being to violent for a young kid. I hated scary stuff and anything associated with Halloween. As I got older I became facinated by the occult and did a total 180.

    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

    Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Mummy, Signs, Blair Witch Project, The Others

    If you want to sleep, don't watch (most of) them.
  15. Crunchy leaves

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    13 ghost

    I watch it full on tv when I was child, and I regret it cause it really terrify me even till now
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    My sister put the texas chainsaw massacre on for me when I was about nine or ten, not the original.
    As you can imagine I was.. perturbed.
    The movie itself was bad enough but what really scared the shit out of me was at the end it showed the real footage of the police searching the crime scene after the events of the movie. As you'll know if you've watched it, it then goes to show a real officer giving the camera a tour of the house before being attacked out of no where by a chainsaw. Worse still the last image of text sais the culprit was never caught.
    Turns out I hear as an adult it wasn't real but I didnt know that, they lied!
    The perfect movie for a kid ha.
  17. I was going to say Candyman as well from 1992
  18. u376

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    You should watch the original
    It is much much better than wrong turn
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  19. Sounds rough lol.
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    Damn! that movie terrifies me even as an adult. How are you not scared?
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