Movies that Scared You as a Kid

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  1. SolitaryScribe

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    If anyone wants to truly crap themselves you should watch the 1st conjuring movie... in the dark.. alone. I was in a room full of people and I still had nightmares.
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  2. I was for quite a while. It was the scariest movie I had ever seen until I was old enough to rent movies on my own.
  3. N0M0RENasty

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    The 1st Conjuring, huh? Haven't seen it yet. I haven't seen many horror or scary movies. I guess the scariest movie I've seen was IT (2017). I mean it wasn't scary enough to make me jump or cover my face or even get nightmares, but I think it had an average level of frightening scenes in it.
  4. ThatOneBro

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    The Exorcist, The Boogeyman, Darkness Falls, The Hills Have Eyes...
  5. The 1954 Animal Farm (animated). That movie used to freak me out along with 1978 Lord of The Rings movie. I lived with my grandparents so they had old movies.

    You watched these as a little kid?
  6. ThatOneBro

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  7. The remake of night of the living dead, the first scene scared the piss out of me as a kid, I ended up watching it again years later and now it's my favorite movie, though I liked the sequel where they're in the mall better.

    FGHTFRLF Fapstronaut

    There were a couple that scared me, but the one I can remember is Coraline (2009). Couple of scenes which just made me a bit scared.
  9. The conjuring scarred me more than any movie I've seen in recent years. The witch gave me the same feeling.
  10. Damn. I want to join this thread, but I can't think of a movie that scared me when I was a kid. Back then, I was quite easily scared, but my parents never really watched horror movies all that often and I never attempted to explore one. So I'll just randomly throw this out there:

    I used to be quite terrified of zombies. To this day, I still have no idea why.

    A couple of weeks ago, I watched Event Horizon with my folks. But personally, I didn't find it very scary at all. Got a solid "meh" out of me.

    Edit: I was thinking about all the things that actually have scared me in the past (none of them were movies) shortly after writing this and my Windows 10 gave me an alert for something. I admit to jumping a bit. :p
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  11. SolitaryScribe

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    I hate that damn alert! it always makes me jump
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  12. I saw a preview for IT. That was scary enough for me, I’m an adult .
  13. Slipkid16

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    The original version of Poltergeist
  14. Trevelyan357

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    I thought Flight Of The Navigator (1986) had an eerie vibe to it and also some scary scenes. In one scene the main character is walking through the woods at night to find his brother. The background music is creepy too and it sometimes shows going through the bushes from the characters perspective. The character ended up falling into a ravine and getting knocked out. When he wakes up and goes back to his house, someone else is living at his house and his family is gone. That made me freak out. This was a Disney movie too!
  15. HereAndThere

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    Robocop. That scene where that one bad guy gets melted with acid and dismembered when hit by the van scared the shit of me. General setting or Robocop movies was creepy as fuck. Scene where Muphy gets messed up at the beginning of the movie and scene where other experimental cyborgs commit suicide wasnt exactly pleasant to my young self either...
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  16. Trevelyan357

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    Yeah I am really glad my parents never let me watch robocop when I was really young. Even by today's standards, that scene where Murphy is killed is pretty hard to watch.
  17. AlienOverlord

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    I recall that the scene where the Wicked Witch first appears by way of fireball in the Wizard of Oz often scared me.

    According to my mom, my dad let me watch Hellraiser and thought it was funny that it gave me nightmares.

    I'm told that the scene in Jaws where someone gets eaten left me in tears. I do remember my dad trying to explain to me that no one was actually hurt.

    At some point in my childhood I saw a trailer for a Chucky movie. Though I had watched the movie plenty of times when I was really young I don't remember anything about it except for there being a possessed doll and a scene where you see things from Chucky's pov. Anyways, that trailer triggered something and I had a series of bad dreams despite knowing/remembering jack squat about the movie. So who knows. Now I'd likely find the series funny if anything if I were to actually sit through it.

    Overall movie watching was pretty safe in my household. Titanic kind of messed me up for a short time. An episode of Star Trek Voyager of all things left me in a state of unease. It was the episode Course Oblivion, which was a sequel to an earlier episode, where you watch the ship and crew slowly disintegrate through the episode. And I was young enough that the alien in the episode Scorpion was pretty scary.

    That I'm now referencing star trek shows that I don't have much to add to this. So yeah. (Though Into Darkness could certainly have been a contender with some of those scenes.)
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  18. Brain-Police

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    Used to make me tinkle as a kid. Never played with toys after the sun went down since I saw this.

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