Multi-person chat for Premium membership -- now WORKING!

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Yesodi, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Yesodi

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    The staff of is thrilled to announce that the technical problem preventing "multi-person chat for Premium members" from properly working ... has now been FIXED! :cool:

    Premium members are now able to engage in Conversations with up to 10 participants.

    When starting a new conversation, you can specify a comma-separated list of intended recipients.

    And for an already-existing conversation, if you scroll down to "Conversation Participants," you will find an "Invite More" button. (Note: this latter feature will exist only for newer conversations started after this fix was implemented, but not for older conversations.)

    Our special thanks to Premium members @jfromcr, @SeventyNiner, and @Cleaning Colin, who helped to beta-test this new feature! :D
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  2. IGY

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    This is good news. It is a shame it wasn't alpha-tested though, haha! :p
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  3. Vince T

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    Is this feature still working for Premium members?

    If so, I may subscribe in order to activate it. Thanks.
  4. Yes, but honestly it isn't very active since there are so few supporters and most people prefer using the forum. At this point, only subscribe to support the site expenses which loses money every month.
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