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    Forgive me if this has already been discussed. I may have even brought it up myself... I can't remember. But I have to say, I miss the ability to have more than one counter.

    There are a couple issues for me with having only one counter. One is the fact that a lot of times when I "relapse," it doesn't include porn, only MO. So it's a but disappointing to have to reset my porn useage counter to zero when I didn't use porn. I find myself having to keep track of that number on my own, so I know, for example, my counter says it's been 2 days or whatever, but it's really be 12 days since I've watched porn. It would be nice to be able to have separate counters to keep track of each.

    Another issue I find is that sometimes, in the midst of failing and not making wise choices, I find myself thinking "Well I'm already going to have to reset my counter for MOing, so why not add porn to the mix? Nobody will know the difference." It takes away a little bit of the motivation to keep porn out of it when I know I'm going to have to reset the whole thing anyway.

    This isn't a huge concern or anything, and I'm sure y'all have bigger fish to fry. But perhaps something to consider. I tend to be naturally more inclined to struggle with masturbation than porn, so if my counters were separate, I have a feeling that would motivate me to quit porn altogether more easily, if I'm not constantly having to reset it for masturbating. Of course I should be able to think of these things on my own and keep track if I want to, so it's not necessary, but it would be a helpful tool to have separate counters.
  2. I haven't reset on anything yet, but I had more or less the same thoughts. If I did MO, do I keep the counter because I didn't PMO? If so, then the counter has less relevance to my motivation.

    If people wanted multiple counters you could auto-scale the counter size to avoid signatures becoming too big.
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  3. I have a calendar I keep track of up to 3 counters on.
    I was good with MO for quite a while now. But P and a separate P-sub counter were what I kept resetting.
    I know it’s strange to look for P without MO. I really just looked at P-subs and sometimes it slipped into some P.
    Idk if it makes sense. I’m kinda weird.
    I’m just agreeing that multiple counters would be nice...
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    Nah, you're not weird. Psubs are probably an issue for me too, if I'm honest with myself.
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  5. I’m weird because it’s stupid to watch something that might arouse you when you don’t plan on doing anything about it.o_O
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    Yes. This. Do that please.
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