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    I've been on a nofap streak of 45 and of 10 days. Even this short time helped me and it's slowly healing my sexuality.

    Excessive porn use from teenage years up untill recently morphed my sexuality in ways myself before porn would find repulsive. BBW fetish, monstercock fetish, tporn and all other sorts of fetishes I don't like.. I've developed those three and many more from porn watching and a constant search for a higher dopamine fix..

    After these two streaks and ~2 months of doing nofap I realised that my sexuality has improved. When I relapse I don't want to watch those weird vids. When I tried watching some of them I couldn't orgasm, and I could to normal porn.

    I've learned from this relapse, that those are definately porn induced fetishes and they will go away if I stick to nofap long enough.

    Bad news is that we will never be completely healed, as in if we start fapping again it's just a matter of time before we get back to those fetishes or find new ones.
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