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  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering how many musicians we had in the NoFap community, would love to chat to other musical people.

    I play the Violin myself and I enjoy classical and folk music but I also enjoy many other types of music.

    How about you guys?
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  2. Mike Bonanno

    Mike Bonanno Fapstronaut

    Yup, reporting for service!

    I've been weekend warrior keyboard player for 20+ years.
    I've played Bonjovi's "Livin' on a prayer" and "Bad Name" literally thousands of times, and let me tell you: Those songs f*cking sucks! :D

    I'm retired now from gigging and do mostly small production (mobile) game soundtracks. Hate contemporary music, but love classical music and especially movie soundtracks. Schindler's List has one of the most amazing soundtracks of all time.
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  3. I love movie soundtracks also! Musical score is one of my favourite things! Schindlers list is excellent! Braveheart and The Last of The Mohicans are also faves of mine.
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  4. I also meant to say, it's cool that you play keyboards also :) Are you self taught?
  5. Taylor25

    Taylor25 Fapstronaut

    I have a Dean Dave Mustaine VMNTX electric guitar for hard rock, heavy metal and metal since 2008.

    I purchased a Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro electric guitar in January 2015 and play it for alternative rock, grunge, hard rock and some non-rock genres.

    My future electric guitars are Schecter Hellraiser 7-string electric guitar and Schecter (original 6-string) Hellraiser).

    Music 4 life! :)
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  6. Mike Bonanno

    Mike Bonanno Fapstronaut

    No. I started when I was 5 years old and I'm classically taught in conservatory level, although at that time I played church organs (5 keyboards, 2 octave foot pedals and manliest sound in the world :D ). After that I kinda slipped to rock/coverband territory and stayed there.
    My favorite weapon of choice is Korg Kronos 88 (mine is Gen.1). It's perfect for live use and good enough master keyboard in studio. Lots of knobs and slides to control everything essential in soft synths, and the keyboard is fenomenal.

    What's your story? How you got lured in the world of music?
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  7. One day me and my cousins were listening to the radio- we were very young at the time- and the band The Corrs were playing- my cousins all ready covered piano, guitar and vocals between them so when we heard the Corrs we all said- we should make a band- the only prominent instrument left for me to pick was the Violin - so I did- I bought one and after a year of probably sounding like a cat in pain I started to get ok at it and then 19 years later here I am :)

    All of your experience in playing sounds awesome though! lots of practice and training!
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  8. Music 4 life :) Playing a ,musical instrument is alos a good distraction for us Fapstronauts lol Guitar is a great instrument, I always think I should try and learn it as well.
  9. AshitaNoMe

    AshitaNoMe Fapstronaut

    I picked a ukulele a week ago and I've been self-teaching. Can't really play anything right now but with time will come skill o/
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  10. Aw good for you :) I wish you luck! I can tell you that persistence and practice will bring you skill :) What inspired the ukulele choice?
  11. AshitaNoMe

    AshitaNoMe Fapstronaut

    Well it's mainly thanks to Steven Universe, a cartoon filled with really great songs and a main character who plays ukulele, I really recommend it. I really fell in love with it. :D
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  12. I'll have a look :) Good luck with your practice :)
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  13. rexsuccess

    rexsuccess Fapstronaut

    Hey guys,
    Am not that musically inclined but I want to learn to play the guitar. How long will it take for me to be comfortable in playing and also what I could use that skill for?
  14. Well, I think a basic level of competent Guitar playing is possible these days in as little as a few months- depending on time and effort made or your own aptitude for picking new things up quickly- you could probably master a few basic chords in a week or so.

    With the internet and things like you tube Guitar tutorials and hints and tips are all the more easy to come by (and cheap than lessons because they are free lol)

    As for what you could use the skill for- well, firstly it will improve your concentration levels, you will have a productive and worthy distraction to focus on (instead of fapping) music can be very therapeutic and distressing and could be a great way for you to relax. You could join a music group so that brings socialisation into it- again given you more distraction. It also shows that you are capable of learning new skills and you could potentially earn some decent cash if you become a good player- I have many friends who play guitar and sing in clubs or open mic nights or other avenues where there skill is paid for :) If you became very good you could even teach the skill to others.
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  15. Mike Bonanno

    Mike Bonanno Fapstronaut

    Yup, and practicing is far from over. I started to learn guitar awhile ago, but those bar chords are kicking my ass, so I slipped to ukulele. And the color is Oh-So-Sexy pink :D

  16. AshitaNoMe

    AshitaNoMe Fapstronaut

    One day I'll get a rainbow uke, and we'll see who's the manliest of all
  17. Mike Bonanno

    Mike Bonanno Fapstronaut

    I might have to upgrade it with Hello Kitty sticker :D
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  18. PasterofMuppets

    PasterofMuppets Fapstronaut

  19. LOL guys- did you see my Avatar? I'm not going to judge anyone for a pink Ukulele or even a rainbow one ;) Besides the sign of a real confident man is one who wouldn't freak out if he's wearing pink/has a pink instrument ;) lol

    Maybe I should get a Pink Violin :emoji_thinking::emoji_joy:
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  20. That's awesome! Do you play in a band?

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