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    I’m sure many people that have been trying to quit PMO for a while have noticed that it’s about more than just not watching porn. In order to solve the problem, you need to look at it from every perspective possible. For example, you need to see what triggers your relapses, in my case it was boredom and stress. Motivation is important for quitting porn however technique is just as important. What I mean by technique is changing other aspects of your life as well, for example, find a solution for the problem you have with something triggering your relapses (in my case I need to find a way to not be stressed or bored or just another way to deal with it). Last year I managed to reach a NoFap streak of 70 days with nothing other than motivation to get clean. No technique whatsoever. I didn’t change anything in my life. I would still get bored and stressed, except that now when that would happen I would just try my best to restrain myself from relapsing. Every single day was a living hell. I was happy to see the number get bigger on my PMO tracker, but that was the only good thing about it. Every day I would be hitting my head against the wall, trying to do ANYTHING other than relapse. It was clear from the beginning that this streak wasn’t going to last, not like this, I needed a technique.
    I’m sure we all have a specific area or room where we tend to relapse the most. A place where we have privacy, comfort. What I learned is that I began to subconsciously associate that room/area with relapsing. If you are trying to quit PMO, I’m sure you can see the problem. How can you get clean if you now associate a room/area in your home with relapsing. It’s not like you’re going to live in your house and stay out of 1 room/area the whole time.
    Right now I have a NoFap streak of 100+days. I managed to figure out a solution for this problem. However, the title of this thread is “My 1 Chance Technique” for a reason.
    What I learned is that in order to stop subconsciously associating a certain area with a bad habit, you need to change your environment for a long(er) period of time. I would recommend doing so for a few weeks if possible. I realise that many people cannot just easily get up and leave to live somewhere else for a while, but perhaps you can go on vacation somewhere. Going on vacation to a place where you could see new things and explore may be a great way to do this because it may also keep your mind distracted. You can begin there by trying to not masturbate/watch porn in your new environment to see if it works. After returning back home after a month of being away, I no longer associated the room/area with relapses. Sure, it wasn’t erased from my memory but I stopped having urges of relapsing while I was there. This is where I began to include other techniques, like keeping myself busy in that certain room/area, so that eventually I would begin to associate it with other activities.
    I cannot promise that this will work for everyone, but I can happily say that I no longer have urges and that this certainly did work for me. I apologise for making this thread so long but I certainly do hope it helps at least some of you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will do my best to respond on the first chance I get. Thank you.
  2. You got wisdom, great ideas! I rearranged the room where I used to fap alot, helped with urges. I also started to read aloud front of pc sometimes, hope that Will help to motivate my frontal cortex to stay active when im around screens, preventing fall backs.
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