My 1500 days success story, starting date 7 March 2017.

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    I will quit PMO forever tomorrow. I started watching gender transformation comics on Deviantart and other websites at the age of 14, and began to watch regular porn at age 17. I also began to masturbate to both of them at the age of 17. I am about 19 and it has almost been a year since I started masturbating. It ruined my life. I have been abstaining from PMO for 3 straight months now, every single time relapsing at day 10-12 because of excuses I tried to find, in which I wanted to think that I broke any of the reboot rules. I relapsed yesterday and decided to have a grand finale of PMOing today. However, I am sick and tired of the endless cycle of where I say "One last time, and I'll quit." It's a trap that I had always set before, but today it feels different. I feel like I can do it this time, ending my PMO habits forever. Let me rephrase that, I know I can do it. I will not quit on my goals, and I will not give in to the sexual thoughts. PMO destroyed me physically and mentally. I will be getting rid of this virus that was created to poison our brains, and will be taking actions into my own hands. I have learned so much from the NoFap community, and am grateful to have found this website. The community is such a friendly and heart-warming one, in which I would also like to wish everyone luck with their reboots. Although I'm a newbie, I still read NoFap for the last 3 months and basically had all my questions answered today. I know I can do this. I will not give up on my goal for happiness, and will not let myself fall victim to a digital pixel video of a man and woman having sexual intercourse or any pictures of weird crap that I watched. I do not want to be a prisoner of that. I want to have a real sexual intercourse in my life, when the time is right for me. I just want to thank everyone here in the community, from the bottom of my heart, for having such loyalty to such a task and for supporting one another. Cowards can laugh at us for not doing PMO, since they have been infected with the virus, and I know that I will not take their laughter into consideration. I want to be successful and would rather be laughed at instead of being unsuccessful and unhappy for the rest of my life. There is only one chance in our life, and we should all take it. The journey is hard, indeed, but I truly believe I can make it and quit PMO forever. I will prevail. I will persevere. I will accomplish!
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    I have begun my journey today. It will be challenging, but failure will not be an option for me. I will not quit on my goal to stop PMOing, and I will not quit on myself. My brain will try to trick me throughout the journey, but I will attack back with raw power. I will not let myself fall victim to the virus known as PMO. I want to return to my normal and happy state, just like I was before finding out about PMOing. I will use my sexual energy for my own benefits in order to obtain success. I do not want to be a prisoner of PMO anymore. It is all digital pixels on a screen. Past figures would be disgusted by us. Figures like Napoleon always abstained, and used his energy for the victories of glorious battles. I will do the same. We only live once, and we only have one chance at today. It is time for me to return to my normal state. I am quitting PMO forever, and will not look back at it. I have made my decision, and I will stick to it. I will prevail. I will persevere. I will accomplish!
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    Hi friend, I am max and I am at day 69 of abstinence from PMO. I see you are very motivated and it is positive. Even for me in this days was very important motivation. I cannot negate I like those things on internet and the only thing kept me away from them was the wish to build the life I dream, this is the only thing more attractive than PMO for me. It's nice you say forever, when I started I said one year. Now I think it is not important the number of days we choose as objective, I think it's important in these days of abstinence we try to improve the damages caused in the years by PMO. So passing from abstinence to recovery. It's tiring because we will pass through chaser effect, flatline, wet dreams, but after I passed through these phases I fell again a normal person, I fell I can live. There will be days where I fell depressed, sad, tired but not for PMO, but for a quarrel with a my friend, because the exam at university didn't go as I hoped, because the girl I liked friendzoned me , but not for PMO . Clearer mind, self control, no brain fog are little awards of abstinence very uselful to recovery.
    I wish you will able to build life you dream.
    Stay strong friend ;)
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    One year ago I made a promise to quit PMOing forever. And since that day I have kept my promise. I do not intend to go back into PMOing ever again. This one year is just a step for many years to come. I have had many ups and downs during the year span, but I prevailed through the help of my will power and my perseverance. One of the things I realized during that one year is that we are never ever complete. What I mean by this, is that we are always learning and improving upon ourselves both mentally and physically. We can never reach the highest point and call it a day. We will lose momentum that way and die down depressingly. You have to wake up every single day and look at the positives. Of course, you will have bad days but you need to look ahead of them and see the positives. I have also learned my worth. I should not lower my standards just so I could sleep with a girl. I would rather work hard to achieve getting a girl who has an excellent personality and looks beautiful too. I do not care about how big their breasts or butt are. I would rather have a woman whose attitude and face are attractive. I also did a bit of research of P and M and learned who and why they were created; the male's demise. It's all digital pixels and not a real companion. A lot of my friends noticed significant differences in me, both mentally and physically. I started working out in 2017 and made huge improvements with my body. I'm not done yet, since I've got a lot to improve on. I do not show off much and am more humble, but I am much more confident with my decisions than ever before. I never second guess myself and I seem more raw and alpha compared to many males who I interact with or walk past. Girls seem to always be looking at me, even if they have boyfriends as well. I do notice that I seem to have way too much energy and seem to talk the most whenever I'm hanging with my buddies, and some of them seem like zombies because of how much they probably M. I don't even consider looking at pornography or masturbating at all, since it's a waste of time and energy. It will deplete my life force and make me a zombie, when I can be improving on myself and doing more constructive things. I still get little flashbacks of old P memories, but brush them off and think on the times ahead. I regained my memory and remember so much it's unreal! I moved to California after 90 days into the journey and boy oh boy can I tell you that where you live comes into play for NoFap. CA seems so hyper sexualized it's unbelievable. I moved from a really Southern Redneck state and the move really made me want to move the hell out of CA. Everything is expensive and the state is run like a socialist country. Doesn't even feel like I'm in America. A lot of the girls in CA are really fake and slutty. They will try to get pregnant with a guy so she could stick as a housewife soccer mom while the man is out doing the work and making money for the family. A lot of the males are servants to the women, which is fucking pathetic. I'm not gay, I love women, but it is unbelievable how society has turned out with this sort of crap. Of course, it's got to do with politics as well. I ain't going to get political, but obviously people know.

    Now, on with my relationships during the the year. I tried dating a girl before I moved out of state and she was amazing, but I made a lot of rookie moves which made me end up in the friend zone. She was playing hard to get, since she was really gorgeous. However, she acted a bit mean towards her mom which made me feel awkward when they'd get angry at each other with me around. If I talked to my mom or dad the way she did to hers, I would probably get beat up pretty badly since my mom is the one who risked her life to give birth to me and they both took care of me so I could be successful in life. It was hard to stop thinking about her after my move. I would still socialize with her and look at some of her social media stories, but when I found out she had a boyfriend I immediately stopped since that is not manly. I don't communicate with her at all, but if she ever texts me I'll reply. I tried to getting back into the dating game after I moved to CA and attended a community college, and found a very beautiful girl in one of my classes. We talked a lot and turned out we both had the same major which was pretty cool. I got her number and followed her on social media. One night I wanted to ask her out to the movies, but I go onto social media to look at a car post and see her post on my feed and clicked on it. The post was posted 30 minutes ago and it was with her and her boyfriend. I was a bit sad because of it but looked into doing my usual hobbies to keep my mind off of it. She stopped communicating with me over text/phone but she still looks at my social media posts and stories which is quite interesting. I'd rather focus on myself instead of girls, so I could live more happily instead of wasting my money and time on them while I should be focusing on my education, well-being and hobbies.

    I am one year free of the addiction, but it does not mean that I need to stop now. I will continue until the day I die! I don't plan on dying, I plan on surviving until the very end! Why waste my time watching digital pixels on a screen having sexual intercourse and masturbating to it? When I can go out and explore the world. Possibly, find someone who I am attracted to and spend time with them. Spend time with friends, family, and myself. Working on constructive projects and accomplishing them with problem solving. I have done so much fun things during that one year, and I wish to have more and more years full of fun and joy! The memories I make are unbelievable, and I want to continue to feel it! Always have to be positive and spread positivity! But, I have to be on my feet at all times and stand up for myself when a threat is near and defend myself and those around me. Always got to improve on myself and love every minute being alive on this planet! I've made my decision a year ago, and I plan to stick with it. I will prevail. I will persevere. I will accomplish!
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    It's been two years since I started my journey, 730 days to be exact. I have not watched porn nor have I masturbated in those 730 days. I have had wet dreams which are involuntary orgasm. After the last time I posted on this thread a lot has changed. I noticed I became much more confident interacting with ladies and flirting and I am no longer afraid to do things outside, such as dancing or being energetic. I've lost a couple of more friends and it's a much more difficult to make good friends since I value friends more. Like Al Capone said
    “Be careful who you call your friends. I’d rather have four quarters than one hundred pennies.”
    ― Al Capone

    I decreased my time on my Instagram account significantly, and increased my time with my hobbies such as working on my car as well as school work. Still working out and achieving my muscle gains. I also finally got a job and am loving it. I used to be scared to find a job because of the security I had with my parents but I got out of that shell and went interviewing and got a job the second interview I went to on the spot. And what's better, I didn't even dress up formally just a black shirt, nice looking jeans, and a Japanese car hoodie. I love the job and getting money but I want to go make more cash because I want to own a nice Ferrari or Lamborghini in my life. I'm hungry for success.

    I know I posted a lot about girls in my last post here exactly a year ago and I just want to say I un-followed all of the girls who friendzoned me because their presence made me feel like shit. I actually met one of the girls a couple of weeks ago at my buddy's event and she seemed excited to see me but I did not spend much time with her and more communicating with new people who I haven't met and enjoying my time. For some reason she started texting me again but I brushed her off. I don't feel lonely without a girl friend, maybe it might be because I'm immature or because I still live with my parents and have a dog who I spend a lot of my time with. If I ever have a chance to speak or make moves with a girl I usually do but most of them are not good looking and the nice ones don't go to college since a lot of them follow the "Housewives of (insert city here)" or the slutty Kardashians and end up having no job and just sitting on the husband's back while he makes all the money to please her while she sits on her ass all day watching tv/social media and drinking Starbucks.

    Sorry, I got a little ahead of me. This past year of my journey I also noticed that NoFap will not fix all of the problems I have and that a lot of them have to be fixed myself with my power. I've gotten a little bit lazy with my homework habits but I am going to change that by working my ass off since I don't want to be stuck in the same place forever and like I said before I want to own a Ferrari or Lamborghini eventually and if I do my school work I can get a bachelor's degree. With that degree I can get an exceptionally good job and make money for myself.

    This site is very helpful and I try to insert my input and motivate others sometimes but most of the time I am away from my computer/laptop and enjoying my life that God has given me!

    Like I've said exactly 2 years ago: I will prevail. I will persevere. I will accomplish!
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    I just hit 1000 days. I feel reborn and have implemented the NoFap lifestyle into my life. The benefits are real, but I also need to work on myself. The NoFap benefits was the foundation and I just want to keep on improving myself day by day. I stopped listening to negative types of music and that has helped me become much more positive. We are never done with improving until we die. I want to get my dream Ferrari or any other of my dream cars. I want to make my dreams a reality, but I need to keep on working on myself to succeed. I'm hungry for success. I'm going to keep on going with this! I do not see the point of stopping now and going back to failure. I want to succeed and become a better version of myself each day! Let's go!

    What else can I say? I will prevail. I will persevere. I will accomplish!
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    Thank you man. I just made a promise to my friends, family, dog, and myself to become a better version of myself. Similar to that of the Mamba mentality, if you know of Kobe Bryant. Becoming a better version of yourself each day. I never have a night off where I just want to relax and be lazy, due to me wanting work to be done. Laziness is the killer of ambitions, and I don't want that. I don't really want to make a thread about all the benefits but one thing I found useful early during my journey is reading a list out of all the benefits NoFap brings, which I found on the reddit page copy and pasted onto here:

    • 1) Clarity of mind, no mental clutter
    • 2) Better stamina in sports
    • 3) Absence of depression, as in "there's actually nothing wrong with me"
    • 4) Better short term memory, grasp conversations, sharp and clear mind
    • 5) Feeling worthy of hottest girls
    • 6) Interacting with people goes from nuisance to fun activity
    • 7) Facial hair grows faster
    • 8) Music sounds better
    • 9) Being cool with awkward situations
    • 10) Past events are remembered better
    • 11) Movies watched in one sitting, rather than interrupting it with distractions
    • 12) Feeling of being really alive and feeling of having/being a powerful spirit
    • 13) Better looking skin
    • 14) Free, genuine belly laugh
    • 15) Appreciation and admiration of women's inner and outer beauty
    • 16) Less sleep is needed to feel rested
    • 17) Much less irritability
    • 18) Destructive erections
    • 19) Improved chest, neck and shoulders musculature (without exercise in a particular case)
    • 20) Vibrant and alive looking eyes
    • 21) Voice is now clear
    • 22) Reduced rage and anger
    • 23) Movies, novels and art are appreciated much more
    • 24) Better dream recollection
    • 25) More wisdom on various subjects, without actually studying them. As in mind gets better at making connections.
    • 26) Easier to get up in the morning
    • 27) Like Neo in the Matrix, getting heightened senses and intuition
    • 28) Enjoying company of kids and older folks
    • 29) No more craving for sugar and alcohol
    • 30) Urge to expand your mind
    • 31) No more angry outbursts around the family
    • 32) "Annoying" things females do are now appreciated
    • 33) A tangible magnetic connection with chicks
    • 34) Chores are now easier to perform
    • 35) Seeing "big picture" in life better
    • 36) Ability to look at women and feel her, sense if her energy is good or bad
    • 37) Ability to relate chicks like friends and seeing them flock to you
    • 38) Nothing stresses you out anymore
    • 39) Men respect you more
    • 40) Men flinch in your presence
    • 41) Sexual Stamina
    • 42) Gives you magnetic personality
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  8. Congrats on 1000 days fella . Keep going strong . When i read your first post , i thought you didnt make it , but you got me surprised . Well done to you . It takes a lot of discipline to reach that far and it proves you are disciplined person . You are still young and i hope you will achieve what is best for you. Thanks for the list with benefits - inspiring ! Have a nice day :)
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    Thank you so much for your kind words man, they really mean a lot to me. Thank you for the best wishes as well. I would also like to wish you luck with your journey. The biggest obstacle is the mind’s tricks on you. It is possible to quit the addiction, you just can’t let your brain trick you into PMOing. I’ve taken cold showers on almost all my 1000 days as well. That helped me become self aware about my decisions. Best of luck with your journey!
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  10. WOW , congrats you should write a book
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  11. well done , That's a real achievement .
  12. TheLightOne

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    Bro u da inspiration for me. We need such people
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  13. Paf-On

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    1000 days...
    Congrats Bro. You're awesome.
    It inspired me, if you can do it, I'm sure I can do it too...
  14. usermanager

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    I hope I will make my 1000 days too but my best streak was approximately 8 months (some days over) without porn&masturabation and full year without porn.

    Current 6th streak is 163 days.
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  15. And that's how a child becomes a real man! Remember all your struggles, as the victories against them made you the hero you're today!
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    dude that is some gigantic Success!!

    Congratulations......and you're only 21, man! You're a fucking legend!

    Your post is so inspiring, you kept on persisting year after year.....inspiring! Keep it going, man! Hope you'll get to your lambourghini or ferrari sooner than you thought you would!
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  17. Very inspiring!!! Great job!!!
  18. Nishanth

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    Congrats man! Way to go
    Just curious, what was your answer to the very first urges that came at you once you started on this streak, I find my problem is I haven't gotten enough practice with the good habits I am trying to inculcate that in the first few days of the streak I am vulnerable to relapse. Did you plan out your day in advance, so that you filled your free time and not let the mind wander to PMO.

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