My 1st attempt at NoFap, successfully abstained for 90 days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by | Nico |, May 17, 2020.

  1. Hustlerr

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    Thank you for sharing story. You are killing it, don't stop, we can cut this shit together !
  2. Tiggy28

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    Congrats man, keep up the good work!
  3. recon117

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    You truly inspired a lot of people in a short period of time! You are one of those who went all in! No matter what!! And for that I admire you! Thank you for being here and thank you for your support!
    Congratulations again!
  4. Nico you are the coolest person I know on nofap. Infact guys like yourself make this challenge look fun and easy with just 90 days with one attempt and yet you don't sound cocky about it or too proud .Thanks for the inspiration buddy, oh and also for tons of likes ;) I am motivated. I can't wait to join you and others on the Success Stories.
  5. Thank you Alpha, iam glad it motivated you to start your own journey ;) all the best brother.
    Thank you Hustlerr :) i wont stop i promise, lets do this buddy.
    Thank you Tiggy, will do ! :)
    Thank you recon iam glad i was able to inspire you guys ;) you're very welcome for the support. Lets keep each other on track.
    Thank you so much Ratson :), cant wait to see you grow and develop, keep going and never give up mate.
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  6. The Highlight

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    Congratulations on your 90 days. Really happy for you Brother. Your are truly inspiration for me and others. Provide motivation time to time to people is such a kind gesture. Truly gem. God Bless you @|Nico|. Hope you touch Greater height in your life.
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  7. Thank you, god bless you too my friend
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  8. great work my friend.
  9. Thank you sir ! :)
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  10. Its still surprises me even now. You where addicted for that long and you still got to 90 days on your first try. It pushes me to want to do more. I will reach 90 days on Aug 7. By that time you will be on day 172. Days won't matter at that point because it will be part of your lifestyle. I wish you luck with your new way of life and I hope you have a great week.
  11. Thank you :), thats awesome buddy, i know you can do it.
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  12. Saurav04

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    Amazing it's good that you already quit in early age. All the best buddy
  13. denmyk

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    Congrats man. Im inspired. Stay strong
  14. Thank you, iam glad too :)
    Thank you, great to hear that. :) you got this
    Thanks buddy :) i will.
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  15. Clean from the first day, a cleansheet. You are a legend |Nico| and I look up to you. Your story motivated me and I hope I can get there one day. Anyways, keep going. Never go back. Stay strong!
  16. First, I am really sorry for your hard times in school, I am really mad how this fucking shit affects innocent children! But these stories like yours give me hope. No one will deny that you are definitely authority for my age group in this forum. And I am really happy for you man!
    I just wanted to ask you one question, you can surely don't answer it, but I am really curious about how you joined the church? How did it happen and why?
    P.S. Don't be mad because I will call you legend from now on, Nico ;)
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  17. runksoneck

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    nice man! congrats and do not let you guard down! i achieved 130 last year but relapsed due to don't be able to deal with my anxiety related to my previous relationship. Keep going!!!
  18. Beamer

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    My Journal
    Hello @| Nico | ,
    BIG congratulations for going this flawless awesome journey to start cutting pmo out of your life !
    I'm really very happy for you as you deserve it being the kind, supportive and humble guy you are :)

    You show so many here it can be done, giving hope and support to others for their own fight against pmo, i was just one of them seeing you progress day after day.
    I wish you a quick complete recovery as you have the best cards in your hands now to win this entire fight.

    Use the strength you have today to push thru and beat this addiction for once and for all, you will win this !

    All my best for your future and thank you for your endless support and kindness to every one here, you have my deepest respect my friend :)
    Great job ! :)
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  19. Yomenik

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    Congratulations man! You did it! <3

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