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My 30 Days NoFap Journey!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by IK070, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. IK070

    IK070 Fapstronaut


    I have been watching porn and masturbating for the last 5 years. I was not able to get rid of even at very first place. Before, I used to masturbate only and someday I started watching porn too. I shared my problem with no one till now. But today, something is different. Finally, I have completed 30 Days NoFap challenge successfully! I'm gonna share my experiences in my journey.


    I was doing NoFap for many months but I was failed many many times. My life was nothing, I felt so depressed but the quote that I have followed was "If you can dream it, you can dream it" I told myself If I can dream it then I can do it. Today, I made it true and also an example for those who are suffering from PMO. My big streaks were 15 days, 25 days and this time I've made it! 30 Day!! At first days, I was afraid of failure but I tolerated... My journey was quite easy. Don't even believe the myths about NoFap. There was nothing difficult! Actually here is an important tip, when you don't get any urges in first days, It satisfies that you will win the NoFap challenge! but if you are getting some urges then you can't win and in coming days, you will definitely be failed. In my whole journey, I have got no urges and I stayed away from any triggers. And passing days on my journey was too long. I counted each and every and today I'm a man to say that I've made it! I want to share some tips about getting success in NoFap Challenge...

    First, you must have a clear reason that why do you want to leave your addiction? It was very important for me. Why I've left my addiction? Personally, I wanted happy life in my presence and in future as well. I told myself, I won't live a happy life until I get rid of my addictions! And I've left my addiction because of Religious matters. Once you get the clear reason, then you have to believe in yourself that you can do it and deserve a better life. This step is very very important!

    You have to make sure to stay away from all kind of triggers, It can be bad friends, your phone activity etc. Personally, I've used my phone in journey but I was so careful of all triggers. I deleted Instagram, I've removed all friends from facebook who were triggers for me, I've blocked friends on WhatsApp who were triggers for me, I was very careful about all triggers, If you won't remove triggers, you will never win!

    Usually, people get urges on NoFap journey even without triggers and it's normal. I've also got urges in my past NoFap journeys where I've been failed, but this time I got no urges at all that's how I've won! I guess when you do NoFap for few months even if you are facing failures, It's useful because of those failures I've got success! So don't worry about it, keep doing!

    Wet dreams are normal on NoFap, so never be worried them. Personally, I've 5 wet dreams in my 30 days challenge. The first was after completing 1st week, the second was after completing 2nd week, the third was on around day 20 and the fourth was around day 24 but there was no ejaculation after I've woke up, and the last one was at the end of the challenge, Day 30 night!!!

    People says that, exercise is important while doing NoFap. Personally, I've done no exercises at all!

    Motivation is important. I told myself, I won't trim my beard till I completed 90 days challenge as motivation helper because I'll look good with trim beard and it was very helpful for me to complete 30 days challenge! and yes, this NoFap community is also good to share your updates and get help, motivation.

    Yes, I had a flatline for 5 days, It was started at day 19 and end on day 24. I felt sad and Whatever I was doing those days, I was not enjoying and I had low libido. I was not attracted to any girl or any activities at all but It was not that difficult, I've passed that period as well.

    I've an important tip, Don't believe in people false talks, go and face it whatever comes in your way. They will make this journey more difficult for you. There was nothing difficult for me!


    Nowadays, I feel energetic and this was true. Definitely, I feel more energetic than before.

    Today, I've been noticing girls are so attractive. Infer attractive when I see girls. There are no more sex objects for me!

    I can say that, my skin looks shiny and improved.

    Yes! My hairs also looks shiny and beautiful and maybe strong too.

    Of course, I'm very happy nowadays and feeling blessed and satisfied with my life.

    These days, I have very less porn pictures, scenes in my mind and I still try to avoid it whatever I get them. Feeling peace in my mind!

    The main benefit, I've get rid of PMO! and I'll continue my journey !!!

    For you guys! If you believe that you deserve a better life and happy life, then Do NoFap journey! Don't overthink just started it today and if you have already started you are on the right path and good luck for your success!!! If you guys have any questions, kindly ask me.
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  2. PowerfulSRE

    PowerfulSRE Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Congratulations on your success mate! Keep going, and thank you for sharing the tips! All the best!
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  3. IK070

    IK070 Fapstronaut

    Thanks dear! Yes I'll keep doing! Stay blessed!
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