My 60 Days improvements. (PIED almost Cured)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by InfinitelyStrong, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. InfinitelyStrong

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    It's 60th day and I'd keep this post as short as possible. For details you may read my journal.

    Age: 26
    PMO addiction: Since early puberty. (Age13/14)

    My main concerns were mostly PIED cause during sex I was not able to maintain Erection(got a very weak one like 3/10) and would lose that even during foreplay. Penis would stay mostly flaccid hard during foreplay. After one round it was impossible to get ready for second round. Would come within seconds after entering. I used mostly pills for sex.

    At day 53, When I was going through flatline(I guess) I had sex. Even before undressing I was already getting a solid 8/10 Erection. 9/10 & 90 degree constant angle throughout foreplay and sex. Needless to say she was quite impressed seeing the rigidity and Erection quality. Earlier she hardly she stroked it but this time I noticed her hand was mostly in it.
    I last only about 2 min during first session. Within 15-20 mins I was able to get another Erection and this time I was able to last for more than 40 mins untill she was exhausted.

    1) Increased confidence, concentration, focus and energy.
    2) Due to higher Erection quality and blood flow, your dick will literally look bigger and thicker. It'll be full of blood during arousal.
    3) Occasional Morning woods which I never had in my life since I started doing PMO.
    4) Lots of time to spend on productive works.

    1) No PMO hard mode.
    2) Meat my gf at park weekly and kissing, hugging.
    3) No peeking girl's pic in Phone or PC.

    1) High chance of relapse if you don't engage yourself in a work, a goal or any productive work.
    2) Flatline is very depressing and will make you feel like asexual which will trick you to check if the machine is working. This is the hardest part for me. Cause It feels you're carrying a dead dick. (I had sex when I was flatline).
    3) Don't ever peak. I repeat Never. Ever. Saying from my personal perspective. Peaking normal pics> peaking cleavage>........ peaking porn>Relapse.
    4) It's hard but it's worth it.
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  2. M Eezy

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    Congratulations u've made it just keep going u are so inspiring!!!
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  3. FrenchOliver

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    that sentence say it all: "Peaking normal pics> peaking cleavage>........ peaking porn>Relapse."

    it should be written in golden letters in top of forum page so everybody could see it and it will be a good reminder.

    cause when you peak, you might not relapse today but you just started a countdown
  4. InfinitelyStrong

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    Thank you brother.
  5. InfinitelyStrong

    InfinitelyStrong Fapstronaut

    "cause when you peak, you might not relapse today but you just started a countdown"
    Exactly bro. Sooner or later you'll end up watching more revealing content and eventually relapse.

    So Stop yourself in the very first place.
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  6. Longtime27

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    Nice one for a positive post. Hope the journey and recovery is still going strong. Day 11 of no PMO, day 33 of no PM here. You're right about the flatline + dead dick + wanting to check the machine is still running ;-) Working real hard to resist this temptation, and pleased to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel after this limbo / readjustment phase! Keep it up (literally and figuratively ;-) )
  7. Stp890

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    Congratulations brother,but how was the subsequent sex after this one.I hear many guys been thrown back to flatline after successfull single or few is yours?do you have PE before?

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