My 90 Day Recovery

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    Hello everyone,

    My journey to quit porn and reclaim my life begins on 5/7/19. I began to use porn almost 7 years ago as a result of developing depression in my teenage years. I’ve used it almost everyday since I started, and for years it became my primary coping mechanism for whatever life threw at me. Had a bad day? Porn was there me. Depressed? Porn made me feel better. Girlfriend not in the mood? Porn was there to get me off. Just bored? Porn gave me something to do. It became an escape for me. It completely destroyed my view of what a healthy sexual relationship looks like with not just myself but more importantly with any girl I was dating. I went through relationship after relationship carrying my undiagnosed porn addiction with me, and it continued to fuel this need to make sex the most important aspect of a relationship even if it was unintentional. After yet another failed relationship, I finally realized that something needed to change. My unhealthy addiction to porn and masturbation. Enough was enough. It was time to make a permanent change. It’s been almost two months since I had this realization, and I absolutely have tried my best to overcome my PMO addiction during this time. I managed to withstand at most 8-10 days at a time, but eventually it became too much for me. I usually PMOed once a week since the start of this, until recently. I began to experience a hard relapse this past week as a result of an ongoing battle of depression. Even though PMO does not make me feel the same way that it used to, my sexual sensitivity is back to”normal”. But I’m still using it as a coping mechanism, and defaulting back to it to mitigate these overwhelming emotions in me. The core issue remains. But as a result of this, I do realize now that it is not just necessary to have a full reboot but it is crucial for my continual recovery. The change has begun, but the recovery begins now. I’m glad to have found a community that can be a place for not just support but a source of valuable information to help me as I begin my recovery. I look forward to blogging my progress with everyone here, and continuing on my journey to self-recovery and freedom from this addiction.
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  2. Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your story.
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    You don't even have a big problem dude.. You just need to quit porn a little. Girls like to have sex.
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  4. hi and welome,
    thank you for sharing, you found the right place,
    i am battleing a depression myself and before my first 70 day streak just days ago, i was not able to avoid PMO for more than ten days.
    start reading the amazing stories here in this forum and you will see you are not alone and there is always somebody listening, who also struggles the on the same topics.
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    Thank you! I definitely know that haha but I need to get a handle on this porn thing ASAP. Not just to prepare myself for a better sex life with a future partner, but to really put in place some much better and healthier ways to deal with my emotions instead of diving into watching my favorite porn videos.
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    Thank you, I appreciate that! I’m sorry to hear you’re going through some depression too, but at least we are all in this together! I’m ready to make it past 10 days, and really see what life is like removing PMO for these next 90 days. I’ll definitely be reading through these stories. Good luck on your journey!

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