My addictions are Killing me

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Liam_here, Jan 5, 2020.

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    So I'm turning 18 next week and I've never felt do hopeless I've never had a real girlfriend I'm virgin and I'm not sad that I'm virgin I'm sad that I've never had anyone to talk with 2019 was a year full of disappointments in still stuck in 10th grade got failed in two subjects twice and this is my last chance my exams are coming in March still in not studying I'm in NoFap since two years I never go more than a week so I decided to stay pmo free in 2020 but after porn addiction now I'm stuck with social media addiction I use my mob for more than 10 hrs a day and I can't stop edging like spend my whole last night searching for random girls in Insta dming them and doing stupid videos calls then I slept at 5 woke up at 2 pm I really don't wanna live anymore my weakness is that I get emotionally attached to peoplr yo soon and they all end up leaving me I let people play with my feelings only the positive thing I'm doing is taking cold showers and going to gym also I'm on day7 which is my highest.
  2. You need to put the damn phone away. There is no other choice. You are probably using your phone in class and not doing your work. Every minute you spend doing that is hurting you. You know you have a problem but you want someone to save you. There is no magic cure.
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    I had to put blockers on my phone that makes social media aps such as YouTube and facebook and the web browser turn off at 10pm. I also had deleat Instagram and block the website. Its just too triggery. I use the Boomerang parental controls as its the only 1 i found that lets me set timers for aps. I have it set to let me goto this website and my email after hours . I have an accountability partner who has the passwords, not me. I had to accept I am an addict and will slip if I dont block myself from this junk.
    If you want i can help you set up the blockers on your phone. You can direct messege me through here and i will help you out.
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    Those are great steps. You have 7 days. That is great too.

    I battled many of the same challenges when I was your age.

    Things I wish I knew then:
    • Women are amazing, but the most important thing is me and building me as a person. No love, fantasy, is the one and worth obsessing over.

    • Ask for help (like you did with accountability partner!)

    • Things that don’t bring me joy or challenge me in meaningful ways to me, let them go. For me that meant many of the hard video games that just weren’t fun.

    • Alcohol can help, but I’m an addict and come from addict genes, don’t give in when others pressure me to drink.

    • Don’t put others down to be funny. Love them.

    • When people try to explain why things are okay when I know they are not, don’t listen. (Looking at your, girlfriend that told me porn was okay and all guys do it too much and not to worry about it.)
    You can do this. Always believe that.
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    I beleave I can do it
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