My behavior is out of control and that's not who I am.

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Ced, Sep 23, 2018.

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    I developped a compulsive behavior that I dislike. I sometimes reach a state where I'm so horny that instead of watching porn, I masturbate with other men/ have cyber sex with them. The thing is I'm not even gay; it's just that men love my body, unlike women, so being the object of desire for once was what turned me on. But it cannot continue like that. I feel perverted and gay (not that being gay is bad, quite the contrary, it's just that I like the way I was when I didn't have these tendencies). It's actually ironic because dicks in porn usually turn me off and that's why I watch videos where there are only girls.But I digress, My point is this: I feel like I'm not my own true self anymore, and I want to get back to my normal self, or even better; a better version of myself.
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    You just started your recovery by starting this thread. Come back to nopaf often. It will take time but your brain and soul will heal. We're all in the same boat and understand what you're going thru. Welcome!
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    Agreed. Good luck and keep trying.
  4. Agree. Good that you are here. This is the start to a new life.

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