My Biceps are loose.

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    Please advice me on how to fix my biceps as they are loose. (I am not overweight BMI 22.7)

    Backstory: Started Nofap when I was 14 or 15, during my first long streak i.e. 90 days, I did pushups & squats around 2 or 3 sets of 10-20 or sometimes 30 each everyday and whenever I got an urge. I never did weight lifting.( I was an idiot to not do other exercises.)

    Current story: I grew up. My arms lost the strength it had, my biceps became loose because I stopped exercising for an whole year or two. I have currently started yoga and cardio based exercises*.

    I don't want any intense weight lifting. I just want my biceps fixed, so please advice my some exercise that I can do with my current exercises*.

    Thank You
  2. Bicep training without weights is hard, I reccomend chinups and pullups, you can work them by shadowboxing with weights, static excercises, hanging, etc.
    Also, never do bicep curls, they fuck up your tendons and the amount of reps you have to do isn't worth it
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  3. They're loose? Better go and catch them!
  4. Bruh moment
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I will start pullups and chinups, and will see if I have some light weights for shadow boxing.
  6. I'd say it's better to just start boxing, shit's ridiculously addicting, over time you'll get strong, ripped, disciplined, manly, and more and it doesn't even feel like an effort if you like it
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  7. Don't you mean soft llf

    Fill a few bags with a load of crap and do curls, there's plenty of DIY videos online on things you can use around the house, your bound to have something
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  8. Hammer curls are the way to go if your doing hammer curls lift into it with the shoulder first, you can build your entire arm tricep and delts with that one isolation exercise, it's not a standard hamnercurl it's probably bad form curl but it works the whole arm effectively
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