My brain is STARVING for LUST

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Freebliss, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Freebliss

    Freebliss Fapstronaut

    It's been 48 days hard mode and right now my mind feels like it's starving for porn. I've had a couple triggers the last 2 days and the fight sucks.

    I guess the only way to get over this is to starve it out of existence. The hard part is going through the pain of the hunger.
  2. Yes. The only way to kill porn addiction is to starve it to death. It DOES suck. You are close to the "tipping point", that is where you want NOT to watch it more than you want to. Once you get there it becomes...not easy, but doable.

    Keep going. Get clean. Porn is not an option

    Will I AM.
  3. barnyjay

    barnyjay Fapstronaut

    So true. Im on a starving journey too. Actually just begun bc I relapsed twice in 2 days. $8 days is good my friend. Keep starving and hopefully it will die.
  4. aeneas

    aeneas New Fapstronaut

    @Freebliss, did you get through it? I'm now on day 11 hard mode and the headaches and lust start to consume me. How did you do it?
  5. VanillaMochi

    VanillaMochi Fapstronaut

    Yo Barny!

    Keep up the good work my friend. Glad to see you're back on it.

    God bless.

    - vM
  6. MichaelMichaelson

    MichaelMichaelson Fapstronaut

    Have you tried the distraction method? tire yourself out when you get urges. or do light exercise and use the momentum to do other more important/productive stuff in your life. It's only my first day in the NoFap journey but I can tell you from experience with kicking other addictions before, when I got strong urges I used to do 3 sets of 10 push ups and then 1-2 minutes of planking. they're simple exercises and they get you out of that addiction hungry state of mind. Best of luck and stay strong, we're here for you!
  7. Freebliss

    Freebliss Fapstronaut

    We'll I did make it through those urges. Idk how lol. But I did decide on Thursday or Friday last week that I wasn't going to get on Facebook all weekend because there are some triggers on there. I actually continued staying away from fb since then.

    Right now Im at day 54 I haven't had serious urges all work week. I've noticed when I did have one and get erection I was able to stop thinking of it ALOT easier then before. Like before when I was MO and PMO more I just couldn't stop fantasizing.

    It really helps me to read a couple success stories everyday, cold showers have helped me keep urges away I think.

    I'm still having a lot of mood swings and rage not sure if it's related to this addiction completely but I will find out by keeping at it.

    On the positive side. At times I feel better, more relaxed, more pleasure in simple things. I've seen a reduction in social anxiety esp around girls.

    I just have roller coaster moods and thoughts about beating people up sometimes.
  8. CKeleven

    CKeleven Fapstronaut

    First lesson I read in books about addiction is that you have to accept that*you are*addicted and that you should not judge yourself for it. To fight against something like you try is always based on non acceptance. When the starving feeling comes up at me I try to recognize, accept and watch this feeling up to the point I can let it go. I try not to judge or blame myself for my addiction. I try to see it more as a chronicle disease like back pain or diabetes which I can't ignore but handle it with the way I m living with it. In most cases you can handle such diseases with a healthy and conscious life style such as eating healthy, doing sports etc. Same here... The addiction is not an enemy but it becomes a companion (not a friend) that you have to deal with for the rest of your life. I compare it to a colleague at my work or a close relative - you may not like him but also can't avoid him so you have to find a base on which both can live and work together. Every single day...
  9. Stephen1195

    Stephen1195 Fapstronaut

    Wow, "Starve it out of existence"
    I love that one :D
  10. Freebliss

    Freebliss Fapstronaut

    I think I got it from a site called "feed the right wolf" it's about pmo addiction.
  11. Jameswsamuel

    Jameswsamuel New Fapstronaut

    Never give up ,friend!

    Friend!You have to stick to what you are doing!You know,your thought(porn thought) never fully represent yourself!As long as you break through the bottleneck,the expected quiet and confidence will arrive!You are not alone!

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