My cat just died :(

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    I believe I like animals more than humans. My cat just turned 2 years old. Today I reported it missing because it has been gone since Wednesday. It never left home for more than 12 hours and was always close by. Turned out it died on Thursday after someone found it struggling not far from home. Kidney failure. The vet did not manage to save him.

    He was a pure breed Ragdoll. He is the first pet I could call my own. Bought him as a therapy pet. My uncle tried to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge a few months ago. He was in coma for a week. That was horrible but honestly, my cat dying on me feels even worse.

    Even on my darkest days I could always enjoy my cat. I didn't give up because of him. Now I am in the hospital. I cant handle people. I dont think I am safe at home. It is impossible to explain but my spirit just died. My cat was the reason I kept going. Well now I am in the hospital anyways. I cant even handle life right now.
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    im sure lil kitty knew his time was coming an cause you had close bond he figured it would be better if he hid so that youd think he was missing, hes in kitty heaven now playing with a stratching post, im sure he wants you to get knew kitties
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    I understand you the love of a pet is the best that exists will never disappoint or betray you, he is now in a better place maybe he would like you to adopt another kitten so you wouldn't feel sad and alone.
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    It’s life, be strong and move on:)
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    I know how you feel. A few years ago, one of my cats died. It just happened out of the blue-- he didn't have any health problems and he was relatively healthy. He had a heart attack. Hopefully I will see him again in Heaven. For now, just take it one day at a time. Don't worry about how you'll make it a week from now, a month from now or one year from now. If you just focus on getting through today, it will make your worries slowly dissipate.

    I miss my cat tremendously, but over time I have come to accept that that's how the universe works. Death is certain for all of us, so we ought to live life with no regrets and be free from worry. :)
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    Just reading the subject line made my heart sink. Mine are only two years old too, I can't imagine one of them going so fast and unexpected. They are easily the greatest source of love and compassionship I have.

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    Oh no. Sorry to hear about your loss. I have lost two cats in my life due to kidney failure. Just know he is no longer suffering and he wouldn't want you to suffer either. Take care.
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    Sorry about that man. Hope another pet comes your way soon.
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