My Celebrity Obsession and Lust

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Starlord27, Feb 15, 2020 at 2:36 AM.

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    Hey guys,I've been an pmo addict for 5 years now and I tried nofap multiple times and I relapsed every try and I never passed 10 days.Well i'm starting all over again.Currently I'm on my day 9 on nofap.Well my problem is not actually porn.I'm not really an addict to it my real problem is celebrity obsession.I have been obsessed over an actress (whose name i would not like to share) for more like 5 years. I've been obsessed over her since 15 years old.Every time when i'm on a nofap streak,I always get tempted and view her pics and relapse.I always imagine her as my wife or girlfriend in my mind .Yesterday on day 8 I couldn't resist and viewed some of her photos but i managed not to masturbate. Flashes of her pics comes in my brain and in my dreams sometimes.I am slowly starting to loose my focus and nofap and and feel like its leading me to another relapse.I always remind to myself that she is not real and doesn't even know about my existence.I really don't want to relapse as it will be very hard and it will take a long time to start nofap again.Someone please share me some advice on how to go through this.
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    Hi Starlord,
    your goal is no orgasm, no masturbation and no porn, where porn equals viewing pictures of this actress.
    So, if you are honest with yourself, you relapsed yesterday to those goals.

    I think that you should take your time to sit down and think about what breaks your streak and how to reach your goals.
    I believe you have to stop consumption of any material from/with that actress (at least, if you chose to do it with the intention to change your mood or feelings - e.g. helping you past bad mood or low spirits).
    For now, I think it will be very difficult for you to carry on as you did for the last week since your urge might be stronger as you fed it yesterday.
    It is the weekend: try some drastic steps. Shut down your computer, forget your phone at home and go out and meet with someone. If you can stay over night, that is even better. Just, by any means, stay away from your devices until Monday.

    All the best
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    Hey,man you r right after viewing her pictures my brain started thinking differently and not as how it was from the nofap streak.Plus i relapsed just now as i am unable to control myself.thanks fir the advice.
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    I'm guessing it's Elizabeth Olsen or Scarlett Johansson; anyway this isn't normal man. Are there no girls that you like besides celebs?
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    Hey, it happens. Forget feeling ashamed of yourself, it won't help. Do you have a few good friends? Do you socialize? I'm not going to say the same thing happened to me, but I can relate. I lived in a foreign country, couldn't speak the language, and beautiful starlets were on TV, on magazine covers, on ads in the subways. It was fucking relentless. So, I would get a bit obsessed. But, I didn't find a healthy outlet. I wasn't doing sports. I wasn't learning. I did not join any clubs or groups. I look back at that period as a serious waste of time and a contributor to my immaturity. It doesn't matter who the girl is - it's you. Start divorcing yourself from this feeling today. It will be slow but you can do it. You must.

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